1. That is becoming the standard where I work.

    It used to be just name, title, office and cell number.

    Now people at the main office have started listing all the certifications they hold or are candidates for and include the company logo.

  2. I love that disclosure so much that I added it to my work email… Now I’m feeling guilty that it’s no longer “svelte”. Yes, this is now my exact signature:

    Rick $$$
    Telecom & Infrastructure
    $$$ Golf Resort Community
    Cell: $$$-$$$-$$$$

    Disclosure: The information in this email is confidential. If it’s contents are disclosed our lawyers will swoop down from helicopters and smash through the skylight nearest you and drag you away with a black bag over your head. They will then take you to our super secret headquarters and make you fight to the death with other people who shared this email. We will then watch said death match and place bets on the winner. You will be given a large buck knife and an unlimited supply of methamphetamines. If the fight becomes boring or there is a stalemate, rabid dogs will be released into the arena to liven things up a bit. If the dogs become docile. we will squirt them with water bottles until they become temperamental.

  3. She gives Communitizers everywhere a bad name.

    My favorite is when I have to print out an email and the little “please consider the environment” bit comes out on a page by itself.

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