1. I’m super excited to see this. I particularly enjoy his work because he’s from wisconsin, and there is a strong underground movie culture in this state.

  2. Wouldn’t it blow your mind if the guy turned out to be George Lucas. And at the end of his final review he turned the camera on himself and just said, “I’m sorry”.

    I’d like to see him review The Dark Knight. I think a lot of people are being critical in large part because it was so well liked by such a wide range of people. Plus one of the main criticisms is Bale’s Batvoice. Yet people don’t realize that if you are trying to hide your identity, its hard to do so using the same voice as a famous billionaire.

    1. Serial killer more like? I find it entertaining, I mean to watch a review that lasts some 90 minutes without nothing else would be dull..

    2. I’m with you. The review itself and the comedy within is brilliant. Episode I was perfect, even with the cutscenes because they were brief and funny. In the Episode II review the schtick got old, longer, and boring and I started fast-forwarding through them after a while. That being said, I can’t wait for the next review. I’ll just have to skip through them this time as well I guess.

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