1. Case closed. O’Donnel is the new Palin.

    Some of the comments on that page are great, too. My favorite:

    So I can’t masturbate to my LOTR fan fiction while getting AIDS at drag balls held by psychics any more?

  2. i’d like to have clicked “like” to your comment “She’s put a lot of thought into drag queens and their balls.” because that garnered an honest to goodness outloud giggle from me.

  3. It’s interesting that you chose this photo. Was this on her web site? Because this is from her acceptance speech. If you watch the whole speech, you will see that this black guy wasn’t standing anywhere near O’Donnell until right as she starts her acceptance speech. Then suddenly you see someone, presumably a campaign person because they are wearing a name tag, shove this poor guy right up behind her to her right. He didn’t look comfortable and seemed not overly enthused, if not disinterested. I’d love to know who he was. They shove some woman out of the way to get him in that spot. And you see the aide telling people to make room. It wouldn’t be so obvious, but when the news cameras pull back to show the whole room, he is one of three black people in a crowd of about 50 people (pretty small crowd for a Senator’s acceptance speech, btw) — him, a black woman, and a news camera man. I would lay odds that this was some way to “show” that the tea party isn’t racist. Pretty sad.

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