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Day September 7, 2010

Taiwan News on the Chilean Miners

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Pacific Sun Cruise Liner in Very Heavy Seas

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Japanese Walking

Skip to about 1:40 in.

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Pat Condell: Drunk on Religion

Are Your Pants Lying to You? An Investigation

From Esquire:

The devastating realization came in H&M. Specifically, in a pair of size 36 dress pants. I’d never bought pants at H&M before, and suddenly asked myself: how could a 36-inch waist suddenly be so damn tight?

I’ve never been slim — I played offensive line in high school — but I’m no cow either. (I’m happily a “Russell Crowe” body type.) So I immediately went across the street, bought a tailor’s measuring tape, and trudged from shop to shop, trying on various brands’ casual dress pants. It took just two hours to tear my self-esteem to smithereens and raise some serious questions about what I later learned is called “vanity sizing.”

Your pants have been deceiving you for years. And the lies are compounding:

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