• Another proud graduate of the George W. Bush School of Political Science.

  • smittypap

    Did she really did all of that things?

  • AaronD

    The look on the host’s face at 0:31 is absolutely priceless. I think that is the moment at which he realizes the implications of this woman running his state.

    • zepar

      lol yeah i noticed that too

    • Laura

      His expression is almost too perfect to be real.

  • Miss Poppy Dixon


  • AaronD

    Does she remind anyone else of The Onion’s Joad Cressbeckler?

  • Outeast

    Her consistent use of HAVE + “did” strongly suggests a vernacular. A quick google though only throws up a LanguageLog discussion broadly associating the pattern with AAVE – somewhat surprisingly for this uh woman. Maybe she picked it up from the servants as a child?

  • Mike K

    “Me fail English? That’s unpossible!”