1. Please do. As the winner of the last contest I must say it has changed my life. But I have almost spent through the millions on cheap cars and slow women, so getting another chance to win would be great.

      1. I had to go back and look. Hard to believe that was two years ago. I had it in my mind it was worth a few cents when someone asked me about the note. I had forgotten it was 0.00053528813 US dollars at the time. Now it looks like the Zimbabwe dollar was abandoned as a currency altogether.

  2. Dear Chris,
    I enjoy your blog and, hey, it’s your blog so if you feel the need to balance the visitor counter with the comment counter, go for it. I just thought I’d give you feedback that I’m among those who think your desire to oust the commentless masses is a bit over the top. There are a billion bloggers out there that won’t let the opinionless lurkers in and to try to turn yours into such a comment/opinion rich environment dilutes what was so grand about it. Your commentless lurkers were/are unique and a different animal and I hope you’ll return to the “Less opinion, More filler” practices that you used to employ and to what made this blog so special before this ‘Who is out there’ infatuation began.
    Best regards,

    1. I agree with Stove here. I mean, after all what do any of your lurkers really have to say? Just off the top of my head, I can’t think of anything. Not. A. Thing. It’s not like your questions or posts elicit responses from any of us. Truly most of us–and I think I speak for the group here–don’t have opinions. That’s my opinion anyway. That’s why we come to you. So you can do the thinking for us.

      In all of your nosey surveys disguised as Questions of the Day you have learned that your readers make their own beer, collect weird coffee mugs, don’t eat anything healthy after 3PM, are from around the world, are obsessed with bacon, love Ingersoll, don’t smoke, want to murder people who put cats in wheelie bins, hate Ingersoll, keep an inordinate amount of digital clocks in their homes, feel indifferent towards Ingersoll, enjoy Battlestar Gallactica references and watch Dexter. What exactly are you trying to accomplish with a new delurking contest? I for one am sickened by your ill-concealed attempts to pad congressman LL’s pockets. A fraction of a dollar is still a dollar! DO YOU THINK WE’RE BLIND?

      1. Abby, what do you have against people padding my pockets? It’s the noble thing to do. After all I can hardly be expected to live on the salary they pay a congressman. So let’s keep the cash flowing people. Feel free to send donations to Chris and I’m sure he will make sure it gets to me.

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