Student who shocked himself suing school, teacher

From the Boston Herald:

The family of the Dover High School student shocked in his electrical trades class last school year has filed a lawsuit alleging negligence on the parts of the teacher, school district and City of Dover.

Documents filed in Strafford County Superior Court on Friday indicate Robert and Sandra DuBois, parents of 18-year-old Kyle DuBois, are seeking compensation for medical expenses, lost income due to time away from work and other damages related to their son being shocked in his electrical trades class on March 11. The lawsuit claims DuBois critically injured himself because of his teacher Thomas Kelley’s failure to properly warn of the dangers of electrical currents.

DuBois was hospitalized after receiving a serious electrical shock while in class on March 11. On a dare, DuBois clipped alligator clips to his nipples and received a severe shock that caused him to stagger and collapse, the lawsuit says.


  1. The frivolity of some lawsuits is astounding. He sounds like a Darwin Award candidate, and his parents sound like total tools.

    There needs to be a change in the law so that people who bring lawsuits this fucking retarded are shipped overseas to serve as landmine detectors in combat zones.

  2. I was actually kind of on the parents side because if they are using dangerous amounts of electricity then the kids should be very aware of the dangers and have proper supervision.
    Then I read the alligator clamps on the nipples. Dumb-ass.
    Future Darwin Award candidate indeed.

    1. A dangerous amount of electricity? Hell, show me a classroom that doesn’t have wall sockets. As the expression goes, “Stupid should be painful!”

      Not the first time either:

      Oh, and it takes 20-30 milliamps to kill a person. The average wall socket won’t turn off until somewhere after 15,000 milliamps. A typical Class-A ground fault circuit interrupter (the fancy socket with buttons) will trip at only 5 milliamps. More recently they’ve mandated the use of tamper-resistant receptacles in areas where children are prevalent, to prevent little Johnny from sticking keys and such in there.

      I only electrocuted myself a dozen times before the age of 6, and I turned out alright. *BZZZT*

  3. First thing my husband (electrical engineer) told me about his job.

    “There are two types of people working around electricity. Those that have been shocked. And those that are going to be shocked.”

    Guess this young man got that lesson early. Pity that everyone around this dunce had to be dragged into an expensive lawsuit.

  4. wonder if i’m the only one that misread the title,thought the student was shocked finding himself suing the school and his teacher.reading is goot 😀

  5. I can’t believe he was doing it for a measly Mountain Dew… I’d do it for nothing less than an Amp Energy drink or maybe a Jolt.

  6. 18? He’s a legal adult? How is he not responsible for his own actions here? Frankly if you get that old and still have to be told that HIGH VOLTAGE=BAD then you probably need to be held back a few grades.

  7. I imagine that his teacher has a document signed by the student and/or parents that details the rules for working with electricity.

  8. As if we’re not having enough trouble with funding for education, we have opportunists and ambulance chasers draining the resources even more. Never mind electricity, does he also need to be told the true purpose that alligator clips were in the classroom?

  9. On the other hand… Surely the educational institution does bear some responsibility here. I’m not sure if there are real legal grounds for this, but I’m have thought any educational institution – as a matter of due dilligence – has a duty to ensure that adequate care is taken to prevent accidents in the case that they do decide to admit such extreme fucking idiots as students.

    1. As the mind will never truly grasp the depths of human stupidity (try to sift through the Darwin Awards without facepalming at least once; it can’t be done), it is impossible to warn against every eventuality.

      1. I was being ironic. But really – how does someone that dumb manage to get so far through the education system without being identified as the brainless cretin this dear lad so clearly is? And if someone did pick up on it, why the hell wasn’t it tattooed on his forehead as a warning to his fellow human beans?

      2. Ah, sorry about that. I failed to pick up on the irony.

        As to his progress, I think it’s gotten to the point where parents threaten to sue if little Bobby gets held back, even if the kid is still eating paste at age 17.

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