1. Hurricane Bob in 91 was the last one I remember hitting us… But Gloria was the big one. I think I was in middle school and had never been through a hurricane before… I remember driving around after it with my dad and seeing nothing but trees all over the ground… That really was a memory burn.

  1. Nova Scotia crew checking in. You know, that little chunk of Canada you see there, to which this sumbitch is getting ready to deliver one hell of a left-hook.

    We took a big hit from Hurricane Juan in September ’03. Two folks died in that night (one of them a paramedic when a falling tree crushed the ambulance he was in).

    Forecasts are still sketchy, but this could be another night of not much fun…

    That motha’ is packin’!

      1. We usually do watch with interest to see how much the Carolinas knock the wind out of the sails of these things.

        There doesn’t appear to be any such luck yet. The original tracks I saw haven’t changed much from Monday to now…

  2. Here in Jamaica I have my fingers crossed that we will get missed again this year – hell the organisation I am with is still doing repairs from Dean and Gustav!

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