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What’s the last thing you quit?

Back in March I gave up fast food, chain restaurants and soda. Soda was the tough one for me. I don’t drink beer so when I would go out to eat I would have soda. Now I just have water. As a result of my fast food and soda embargo, I immediately started losing weight and lost 4 inches on my waist. I don’t know how many lbs I dropped because my scale was broken (not from stepping on it…. How dare you!)


  1. I quit eating at restaurants when I married a man with five children. I quit my last “real” job in 2006. I quit carnival rides a few years ago…. well, I hadn’t ridden any in ages, but my youngest wanted me to accompany her on one and I thought “How did I ever enjoy these things?” and swore them off forever. I quit drinking coffee every day about 2PM.

  2. I’ve pretty much quit TV. I do watch the occasional inning of baseball when my wife’s watching, a weekly movie on Netflix, and clips from the web, but I’ve given up on the rest.

  3. I quit TV only to replace it by blogs, podcasts and even more video games. Sometimes all three at once.

    Oh right…. I finally got a job 😛

  4. I’ve quit music festivals recently … I just can’t take them any longer. I quit fast food and caloried soda many years ago, and occaisionally quit diet sodas and coffee … but it never lasts long.

  5. I quit trying to live a healthy lifestyle after I got screwed out of a job. Why go out of my way to be healthy when I have little hope for real employment and living unhealthily is easier and more enjoyable?

  6. politics.
    shameful though it may be to admit, i have donned the hood of willful ignorance for the time being because i find people who tout politics incessantly to be insufferable.

    i was never any good at discussing politics anyway, i’m way too flexible in my opinions and not nearly stubborn or closed minded enough to be a politics-oriented person.

  7. Shampoo! I tried going without it for 2 weeks and liked the results. Originally just the kind with sulfates. But even sulfate-free cleansers were robbing me of the natural sebum (oil) my scalp produces (which left my hair frizzy), so I limited them to once every three-to-six months. Shut up, I know! But it’s the only thing that separates silky tresses from a hat made of shredded wheat. Read more about it here if you like. It all started last September…

  8. I quit a bad lifestyle last September. I eat super healthy, I workout every day (which sucks), I saved enough money to buy my house, I left a bad relationship, and I’m shoving myself through engineering school. My mother, however, is concerned that I’m now a lesbian who will never provide her with grandchildren. I contended that I never quit men.

  9. i quit a really horrible job when AIG tanked and wall street was riddled with people protesting the tail-end of the Bush administration because my boss was a bully and berated me in front of other people during lengthy meetings. I would have rather faced bankruptcy than work for her, luckily I got a job 30 days later and since then it’s one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. I’m a lucky son of a bitch.

  10. I quit my job 4 years ago. Transferred a phone call to my boss, picked up my purse and walked out. Never talked to him again. One of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

  11. World of Warcraft. It wasn’t hard since my guild merged with another one and there were assholes in the other guild. It made the game no fun for me anymore. My card had just been billed for the next 6 months of service though…. >< oh well

  12. I quit watching Family Guy. This last season there was an episode featuring a transgender character, and much of it was handled with commendable graciousness, but all that grace was completely trashed (in my opinion) by one protracted and highly offensive, insulting, transphobia-promoting gag (which also wasn’t funny). I know I’m a progressive reactionary in the eyes of some, but for me personally, that was just the limit and I won’t be watching it anymore.

  13. My all-male book group. It had started out ok, and lasted nearly 5 years; but by the end we were scraping the bottom with Vatican Cellars. From now on I’m reading whatever my wife’s book group is reading.

  14. Forums. Too many douches out for arguments, rather than friendly chit chat. I don’t do FB or Twitter anyway, but forums I used to enjoy. I haven’t missed ’em one bit. 😉

    I’m thinking of quitting clicking on any video that contains a cat – but it’s tough, dammit, so tough!

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