1. I’m willing to bet that those people are a pretty fair representation of the majority of attendees.

      Makes me want to go have a baby in Canada.

  1. The people who follow Glenn Beck are people too dumb and/or lazy to think for themselves. That is not an exaggeration.

    They’re the bottom of the barrel of American society.

  2. I quit TV 6 years ago so I have not watched Glenn Beck.
    But really, a cherry-picked selection of misfits does not tell me much.
    Nor does a cherry-picked selection of tree rings, for that matter.
    It comes down to what the author wants to sell.
    It seems like there were a lot of people in the mall that day.
    I ask myself:
    How many do they represent?
    How easy is it to get to DC?
    Is everyone local?
    Do they all work in DC for the government?
    Did they miss the Dept of Education memo to join the Sharpton rally?
    From TARP Worldwide: (the world’s premier customer experience agency)
    One unhappy client who escalates their issue to management represents 50 clients, on average, who either complain locally or don’t complain at all.

    75% will complain to 8 others about the issue either face-to-face or via the phone which represents:
    296 people who have been told directly who then tell 237 more people

    13% will complain to 60 others via blog, tweet, or social media, such as Facebook which represents:
    420 people who have been told directly who then tell 336 more people

    12% will complain via e-mail or chat with 8 people which represents:
    48 people who have been told via chat who in turn tell 38 more more people

    In summary, one escalated complaint = an average of 50 clients and 1,375 cases of word of mouth!
    What is really happening out there……………………….
    Sorry Chris but I have to grab a hamburger animal style and a frosty carbonated beverage @ In N Out. …Later………

  3. Methinks these people are dangerously close to being successfully recruited by the Klan and won’t realize what they’ve been sucked into until the white hood goes on. And then maybe they’ll get over that “oh, I’m a poor, persecuted caucasian Christian.”

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