1. Pie. There is no contest.

    A good German chocolate cake (made by me) can be good, but there is nothing on earth to compare to a good (banana, coconut or lemon) cream pie.

  2. pie… just had a craving for key lime pie. I would try and make it myself but for a lack of key limes in flyoverland. second option, a good apple pie (has to be homemade, i’ve never had a decent purchased apple pie)

    the closest i come to cake is cheesecake which is kind of a category unto itself. cheesecake vs pie, that’s a tough one… have to go cheesecake for the variety.

  3. CAKE!! Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting mmm. Or Funfetti, hell yeah.

    Pie crust is so meh. Crust on the top AND bottom? Whose idea was that? The one and only possible exception to the superiority of cake is pumpkin pie.

  4. pie, when ya do a home-made crust it beats cake down with fists in the playground at recess and pushes it into the mud and makes it cry.

    My last pie was a caramel/apple/chocolate. It got devoured by my co-workers.

  5. Pie. Unless the cake is a birthday cake – my birthday cake. Bonus points if there are plastic dinosaurs on the cake and marshmallows that have been dyed with fool coloring to look like prehistoric boulders. Yeah.

    1. Also – and you can call me a “pie-racist” if you like – but so-called “cream pies” are not REAL pies. Yeah, that’s right, I went there. It’s just pudding or custard in a crust! That’s NOT real pie.

  6. PIe!!!!

    Cake always seems to disappoint- it always looks better than it tastes, particularly frosting made with shortening and tinted with food dyes that leave a bitter aftertaste.

    Any kind of pie is okay by me. Except at a potluck when somebody just has to go and ruin it for everyone else by declaring they made it “healthy” and the next thing you know you are choking down a pie slice with a whole wheat crust harder than hardtack and a sour filling because some do-gooder just had to cut back on the sugar, too.

    Pumpkin, berry, apple, pecan, chocolate cream, cherry….it’s all good.

  7. Pie. Pie. And more pie!

    Something I haven’t had in years that I’ve been wanting lately is dewberry pie. No dewberries around here. But pumpkin pie is my favorite. I’m growing my own pumpkins this year specifically for pie. And now that I’m armed with a new recipe (thanks Chris!) I will be making Dulce de Leche pumpkin toffee pie. Damn, that sounds good!

  8. Ignore the first comment! Was not reading the question correctly and was obviously confused. Okay. Still cake. Love single layer cakes. Swedish Visiting Cake is always a favorite.

  9. For the no-sweets people there’s always chicken pot pie!

    I don’t remember what it was called, but I had a cheesy pie once that was like cheesecake pie with blueberries mixed around in it with ice cream on top. THAT was good! I’m thinking that might qualify as both a pie and a cake?

  10. pie. apple. cherry. chocolate cream. macadamia nut cream.

    last thanksgiving i made a pumpkin macadamia pie – pumpkin pie with a topping of macadamia nuts (similar to pecan pie, but mac nuts…)

    recently had a lilikoi (passion fruit) cheesecake (with mac nuts in the crust!!!) that broke my mouth (it was good!!).

    ps. you did a fabulous job on your meringue peaks!!!

  11. Hmm… I thought the question was, “Cake or death?”

    Seriously, it’s a toss-up for me. Cherry pie or carrot cake? Apple pie or chocolate cake with white icing? It’s all gooooooood!

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