Heavy Metal Singers Reviewed by Classical Voice Teacher

A classically trained voice teacher reviews 5 classic metal singers (Bruce Dickinson, Dio, Ozzie, King Diamond, and Rob Halford).

Here is her review of Ozzie Osbourne:

This is a singer with decent diction and good musical instincts but no command of vocal technique. He is massively over-adducting his vocal folds while driving enough air through them to get them to speak, but his throat is so tight that there is no flow or resonance. His rhythmic punctuation of the lyrics is very distracting, in contrast with Singer #1 who delivered his text with rhythmic accents that served, rather than detracted from the flow of music and poetry. It hurt my throat so much to listen to him that I was tempted to ask Cosmo how long his career lasted before he either washed out or needed surgery. The entire range of his singing is contained within a single octave – with the exception of the moment when he yells “Oh Lord!” a little higher, in my opinion the only quasi-free vocal sound on the entire track.

  • Very interesting. Glad to see they included Dio, Dickinson and Halford, I could picture all three of those doing opera or classical singing.

  • I heard an interview with Halford on NPR ages ago and Terry Gross said more less the same thing. Very operatic.

  • DreamDevil

    What, no Hetfield?

  • Mike K

    Link is down (500 Internal Server Error, so hopefully it’s only temporary)

  • Mike K

    (Link’s back up) Very interesting, and good to see it was from an unbiased point of view. Too often, music snobs will just write off all metal as talentless garbage. I would like to hear her opinion of Queensryche’s Geoff Tate.