• TDavis

    And you just KNOW that the bus driver stopped, did some quick mental math, and then drove on!

    • Mike K

      While muttering, “Jeez, not again!”

  • Mike K

    Actually, it’s from the website dedicated to crashes at the same overpass:

    Someone actually bought the domain name.

    • la Cour

      Could have been a porn site, otherwise.

  • Debbe

    Damn, now I’m late leaving work! LOL…

  • LMAO at some of these.

  • Elis

    Wish they would install beams like this around my town. Preferably with lower clearance to catch the SUVs.

  • Rampage_Rick

    I find it humorous that the American Postal Workers Union have an office immediately adjacent to this location:


  • DreamDevil

    OMG, all of them in the SAME damn spot!!!

  • pvc

    I would love to see a mashup of some of the best smashes done to the tune of “Yakety Sax”.

  • Sue Dunham

    Isn’t it the same crash over again from different angles?

  • PopCollector

    Come-on people. Its the same truck over and over with a bus behind it EVERY TIME. Two different vantage points. Jeez!

    • groundsgivingway

      Jeez is right. Simmer down. If you go to the site, which is what everyone is talking about, you’ll see that there are numerous videos with multiple trucks crashing into the same overpass.