1. I have trouble getting to bed before 2AM every night…bad when I need to be up for work at 8. It’s an awful, awful habit that has no constructive reason nor can I seem to break. I don’t know what I’m worried I will miss if I go to bed earlier. Typically, I just do my teeth routine (brush, floss, brush, mouthwash) and crawl in bed. Often, though, I panic after getting comfortable that I forgot to lock my front door and car, so I get out of bed to check those.

  2. Anywhere between ten and midnight on a given night. Pre-bed activities consist of trying to pry myself away from the computer, hence the varying times.

  3. I usually go to sleep between 11-12 during the summer, sometimes reading a bit, sometimes not.

    DUring the school year, it’s usually between 10:30 and 11.

  4. 9:30 usually as I have to be in the office rather early. Every night I get a cat ass in my face at 3AM as a reminder that he’s starving. (Have you seen my ass, biped? FEED ME!) Then the BNSF train down the way comes through at 3:30 and subsequently every 20-25 minutes till I’m officially up at 4:45. I hate living out in the sticks.

  5. TV + Bed usually puts me right out, midnight is the magical time limit for me because my body shuts down as if on a timer. If I read before sleep I always dream about the book (made this mistake with American Psycho once and dreampt Patrick Bateman was hacking into my apt with a chainsaw, naked, with white sneakers).

  6. I shoot for 8:00, but rarely make it. It’s usually more like 9:30. No routine other than reading for ½ an hour or so once I’m in bed.

  7. 9 pm. If I read a book, I fall asleep with the lights on and I spend the next 6 hours getting less than normal sleep.

    Timer is set on the TV and a benign show is selected- nothing to get the emotions going (no news), usually a food channel where nothing bad ever really happens.

  8. during the school year it’s hectic and lucky nights i’m in bed by 10:30 but usually it’s 2am. Sometimes 4 am and then i used to have to catch a 7:30 bus.
    Summer it’s usually 3 am, if i’m lucky. i’m usually not and therefore i not only sleep when the sky is getting light, but i feel incredibly awake.

    Bedtime routine, aside from the very final bathroom stuff, is very typical and often concerns the computer or a some type of book, be it sketchbook or otherwise. When i’m in bed i’ll do crunches [to tucker me out] when i’m desperate or otherwise i usually meditate.
    If this ties into small talk, this is one of those subjects that absolutely fascinates me.

  9. 9-9:30pm, shower/shave/teefs first. Sometimes play Scramble or Words With Friends on the iPhone. Weekends time may be later but not too much later, been getting up at 5am or earlier for 20+ years so it’s a tough habit to get out of.

  10. Usually have a drink or two – say a bottle of wine – while watching a show or movie and/or browsing blogs and such. Take the last quater or so of the bottle off to bed somewhere between 10:30 and 11, usually; read for 40 mins or so; then pass out gracefully. Running later tonight though – it’s 10:30 now and I’m just about to start another episode of BSG.

    I’m told I snore, a vile accuracy.

  11. My night ends pretty much the same evey night,
    TV or computer untill 10 or 11.
    Go to bed.
    Get back up between 11 and midnight cause I can’t sleep.
    TV or computer until 1 or 2 (maybe 3 if a really shitty movie is on. bad movies are so much more interesting in the middle of the night).
    Go back to bed.
    Dread the 6:15 alarm.

  12. i usually go to sleep round 5 or 6 am in the morning,not working,but like the first guy i can’t lay down before 2 am even if working a day job,so i try my best to get a afternoon or over night job.

  13. i try to get to the bed by 9:30 so i can have an hour or so to read. but lately i’ve been running ( ! ) so i’m really sleepy by like 9:00pm. barely enough motivation to brush my teeth and pee before sleeping!!

  14. I like to get to bed by midnight, since I’m back up at 5. But you see it’s not happening tonight. I reach a stopping point at work, then jump up, make a warm cup of tea in the microwave while loading tomorrow’s coffee, then brush teeth and watch a little TV with Mr. Perfect before sinking into oblivion.

  15. My aim is usually to be in my bed by 22.30 but on most weekdays I don’t go to bed until 23.30. If I’m not too tired I either play some solitaire on my phone, read a magazine or a book for ½-1 hour. If it’s a great book or article I might be awake much longer than that.

  16. i try to have any visitors out and be laying in “bed” (i actually sleep on the couch in my living room) by 10:00 at which point i pick a futurama disc to put on to fall asleep to, and have a smoke.
    usually the glasses come off around 10:30 and i’m usually drooling by 10:45.

    i’ve been putting in a bunch of 10 and 12 hour days at work lately though, and last night, for instance, i was passed the fuck out by 9:45.

  17. I’m such a lazy ass I usually linger on the intertubes until 4-5 and even later and later as the days go (if the Earth could rotate in 30 hours or something, I’d be perfectly in phase). When I’m not alone though, I sleep at normal times. For now that’s the only reason I’d want a steady relationship.

  18. I’ll usually play video games at the end of the evening after the GF has had her fill of TV and headed off to bed. I’ll play that ‘one last game’ with my buddies, with the intention of leaving at 12.00 – yet it turns into 2am. I’ll really quickly check my email, surf a bit and find it’s 3am. Groggily, i’ll brush my teeth and climb into bed, cursing the world that I have to be up in 3 hours or so. Spend rest of day grouchy, and repeat.

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