1. Cardamom is fantastic. I sometimes make my coffee with some cardamom and cinnamon in it. Also on winter evenings, warm milk + cardamom = soothing….

  2. lol at the parle g biscuits, those things are ridiculously addictive.

    anyways, i like to add the tea leaves in with the water and let it steep, and then i add cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, fennel, etc. (and sometimes ginger) with the milk. But yeah, considering i’ve been making tea since i was a kid i’d say i’m proud that i got the 1:1 ratio down before i hit 18.

    if you like cardamom in your milk you should try carom, fennel, cloves, and this stuff we call latchi, which i also put in tea, although the english name eludes me at the moment. Also, daal chini [not a lentil] which translates to chinese daal, although it is very similar to cloves.

  3. I have avoided cardamom in hot beverages ever since I had a taste of some mysterious super-duper-stong cardamom coffee offered to me by an armenian lady. I don’t know what she put in it, but my god, was it ever powerful stuff. Usually caffeine has very little effect on me, but I have never been so freaking awake as I was after that cup of coffee. So now, cardamom tastes like insomnia to me.

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