1. I often wonder how it is that so many of the racist, homophobic bastions of the old guard manage to stick around for nearly a century on this planet.
    Is it something about being acerbic, vitriol filled and terminally miserable that promotes longevity of life?

  2. His daily life sounds mighty boring. Is he senile or was he always like that? Because if he’s always been like that, it’s a waste of a life.

  3. Hah. I just took a 4 day trip to a southern destination 8 hours away. By the 3rd day I was ready to call the owner of the cottages we were staying at to ask if I could help with the maintenance of the place. I have always bought homes that were unique and secluded enough to give the impression of being on vacation every day you are there. You can keep your packing and the rest of that. Of course the wife begs to differ.

  4. His gripe about prepping for a vacation is a good analogy for his work actually — a great amount of his job is to find something to complain about; rambling on about it for 2 whole minutes is the easy part. Why that’s a job is suspicious to me, but he got locked in way before the internet. If he were a lot younger, he’d be sitting around unemployed and fail to generate blog traffic with this nonsense.

    Look, he’s been loafing off work for 3 months and this is the best idea he can complain about. That is a hard job, he has to come up with 30-35 more ideas between now and his next vacation, right? And this is what he’s leading the season with. Also, Andy, the saying goes, “if you’re bored, you’re boring,” you don’t even know how to vacation. If you don’t like travel, stay home, if work is what you like to do, you’re goddamn lucky, and you could invent things to complain about all summer, there’s nothing stopping you. Here are some starting points: mosquitoes, clouds, Halloween merchandising in July, stores and restaurants that are A/C’d so cold you need to bring a sweater, the ice cream truck music, lame stuff nobody cares about but everyone can relate to. How many years has he been doing this and how many issues has he resolved in the world? Just unhappy about everything and not embarrassed for himself.

    Also, what did happen to all the wax paper? I can’t find it at the grocery store anymore or Target. Does complaining about it on TV bring it back?

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