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Day August 24, 2010

FOX News: Evil or Stupid?

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Andy Rooney Endures Torturous 3 Month Vacation

Still has his finger to the pulse of the everyday American I see.

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Brick Stone vs Westboro Baptist Church

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Sad Anecdote for the Night

From Reddit:

My dad tells one story about having to put down a K9 dog. This was back when they only used administered one shot with the killing dose (now many places give a strong sedative first, then the final dose).

The officer was very upset, and the dog was up on the lab table. My dad gave the dog the shot, and the officer started crying. The dog just sat there.

30 seconds went by; nothing happened. The dog just kept staring at my dad. 1 minute, 2 minutes, nothing. My dad apologized, figuring he must have gotten the doseage wrong (he hadn’t – there was more than enough in the shot to knock out a small horse). He began to prep another syringe.

Then the dog broke its gaze with my dad, looked at the officer, and the officer said “It’s okay bud. Everything’s okay.” The dog breathed out, looked back at my dad, rested his head on the table, and closed his eyes permanently.


No Title Necessary

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Cat Dumper Found

But despite the calls for capital punishment in the comments, it looks like she won’t be charged.

West Midlands police said they received a call on Sunday evening reporting what had happened.

They said the actions caught on CCTV could constitute an animal cruelty offence because of the likely suffering caused to the cat.

The force said it was supporting the RSPCA investigation and has urged the public to leave the matter to the authorities.

The RSPCA said it was due to talk to the woman shortly.


A CRUEL woman filmed dumping a cat in a wheelie bin has been named and shamed today.

Grey-haired Mary Bale became one of Britain’s most hated women when footage of her dropping four-year-old tabby Lola into the green recycling bin was posted on YouTube and Facebook yesterday.

She has since been given police protection — after sickened animal lovers bombarded her with death threats.

Police stepped in today and informally offered the bank worker, aged around 50, protection. Officers are now on duty outside her home.

The guard was put in place as her mum Celia claimed her daughter actually LOVES cats — and doesn’t know what came over her.

She said: “Her father Maurice is hospital in the moment and is very ill. I think she was just in a world of her own. We all are at the moment.

“Mary said she just didn’t know what possessed her, or what came over her, it’s just very strange because she cannot explain her actions at all.

“We’re all living on edge at moment, she doesn’t know what happened.

“She absolutely adores cats, she’s an animal lover, it just doesn’t make sense.

“We’re just hoping we can all get through this because I know a lot of people are not happy about it.

Birthday Cake Malfunction

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Toronto Christians Protest In Front of Gay Couple’s House

From Torontoist:

The commissary at Highfield Road Gospel Hall must have been fresh out of mind-your-own-business last night, because nine of God’s hand-picked mouthpieces allegedly found themselves outside of the home of a Leslieville gay couple, praying for the men’s unsolicited salvation.

Residents of the Dundas and Greenwood area stepped up in support of the unidentified targets, asking the holy rollers to move on and leave the neighbourhood in peace.

“We have an authority to preach the gospel,” claims one worshipper in a video clip (above) captured by nearby resident Geoffrey Skelding. “We’ve been doing this seven years.”

Though the church members didn’t explicitly admit that they had chosen that particular house because it housed a gay couple, Skelding says that many street residents are convinced that’s the reason, especially based on the church group’s history of door-to-door evangelism on the street.

“Talking with my neighbours, I learned that a lesbian couple left the area because of this group,” Skelding told Torontoist. “They do come to the area and knock on doors and tell people they are sinners.”

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