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Wait for it…

From The Daily Mail:

This CCTV footage captures the moment a middle-aged woman picks up a cat – and drops it into a wheelie bin.

The grey-haired woman, aged around 50, is filmed stroking tabby Lola on a wall outside a house on Brays Lane in Coventry at around 8pm on Saturday.

But she then suddenly grabs the four-year-old cat by the scruff of the neck before throwing it into a wheelie bin and slamming the lid closed. She then calmly walks away.

Terrified Lola was trapped in the bin for 15 hours before her owners Stephanie Andrews-Mann and husband Darryl finally found her the following morning.


  1. Poor kittty was so friendly and trusting. What the hell was wrong with that woman? I was scared to watch, thinking the garbage truck was going to appear next.

    That video is going to haunt her for the rest of her days, I hope. “Oh, you are THAT woman? Goodbye. No, we won’t serve you. No, not hiring. Sorry, not invited”.

  2. The fact it’s from the Daily Mail, I can’t help but wonder if they were advocating throwing cats away, no doubt they will link cats to cancer or other such nonsense.

    1. Why is that? I know that’s U.K.-based (I’m here in the U.S.), but is the Daily Mail more of a tabloid than a reliable source of news?

      BTW, that woman should be shot, and I’d be glad to front the funds for the bullets.

      1. I would go with fear mongering right wing paper that is a tabloid, but thinks it isn’t because it doesn’t have a red top. It’s front page will normally have a headline either about cancer, immigrants or religious guff.

      2. It’s known for its sensationalism and conservative/xenophobic mindset.

        This video will do the best job of summarising the objection most people have with it, and it’s in the form of a jolly song:

  3. I was scared to watch, anticipating the worst, but glad to hear the cat was found by its family. It’s very disturbing to see someone do this to a trusting cat, especially a mature person.

    But I’m not with the others above who want revenge. What good will that do? It will give you the satisfaction of feeling like you helped prevent future abuse, while not having done anything at all… kind of like praying for animals. And your tough stance is no different than “lock them and throw the key” tough-on-crime thinking that does squat to lower crime. Also, what did you have for lunch today?

  4. I would go with fear mongering right wing paper that is a tabloid, but thinks it isn’t because it doesn’t have a red top. It’s front page will normally have a headline either about cancer, immigrants or religious guff.

  5. I wouldn’t go so far as others and state that this woman needs to be executed, but she definitely needs to have her identity exposed so she can feel the full weight of public opinion against her. This is the sort of crime that’s best punished by exposure, some kind of financial penalty and the emotional pain and humiliation she’ll feel at being exposed. Thank (insert deity of preference here, or not) that was caught on camera and that they recovered the poor creature. Reminds me of a funny Oatmeal comic:

  6. Wow, amazing how quickly the pitch fork wielding mob developed here in the comments section. What she did was wrong, yes, absolutely, but maybe that cat was spreading toxoplasmosis throughout the neighborhood..or even worse, uromysitisis?!

  7. I’m sorry but it is VERY right to want to bitch slap this woman. That is the kind of thing we spank children for. If she is fine with doing that to a creature that unselfishly offered affection what would she be like to another human being? Of course we hate her. She has shown herself inconsiderate of LIFE! She deserves nothing but scorn for her behavior. How would people like it if she did that to a child? (tempting, I know but I haven’t done it yet!)

    In defense of people who don’t like cats (which is beyond me, but then I don’t like hagfish sue me) fine, but don’t PET one and then throw it away. Leave it the f**k alone!!!!!

  8. Her technique was quite efficient, slick in fact (the quick glance around for possible observers for instance.) I’m guessing she does that as a hobby.

  9. It’s like a scene out of a Wes Anderson movie… I’m glad that this was caught on tape because my crazy-detector is solid. And every time I say, “no, I”m not saying this because I’m exaggerating – that mf’er is crazy…” I get the brush off and accused of being “mean.”

  10. Really, there is a simple solution:

    Find the woman, lock her in a (preferably ripe) Dumpster for 15 hours.

    With very, very hungry cats.

  11. Yes, it was a cruel thing to do, but why was that cat running loose outdoors? Maybe things are different in the UK, but where I’m from pets are not permitted to wander freely outdoors; they must be restrained. The owners must share some of the blame for this incident. And, no, I’m not an animal hater; I have a cat, and she remains indoors where she is not free to soil the neighbors’ property.

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