August is Stupid American Month

From Balloon Juice:


Every August something happens that reminds me just how stupid America has become. This month is full of fresh reminders of our dwindling National intelligence.

It has traditionally become the month to celebrate how stupid America has become. It is the month when stupidity in America goes on full display with a vengence.

It is the month where we learned about shark attacks and Gary Condit while George Bush ignored a security warning titled “Bin Laden determined to strike in US.” It is the month where wingnutopia talking points for invading Iraq was manufactured and tested. It is the month that Swift Boat Veterans for Truth began running ads about John Kerry while the rest of wingnutopia went crazy about the flip-flop meme. It was the month of Katrina. It was the month when Karl Rove convinced most of the media that he had “the math”. It was the month when the Palin traveling carnival of hucksters was introduced to America. It was the month of death panels. It was the month the Tea Party sprang forth from well fertilized astroturf. Now it is the month to worry about secret moooslims building things or terrorist cell groups of anchor babies. And always it is a month where the dumbest mother fuckers in America try to drive our National discourse with fear, ignorance and hatred.


  1. It just seems that August is teh krazee here because so many people are on vacation and paying a little more attention to events. Actually, every day is krazee day in amerika.

  2. hey wait a minute -I’m an August baby too!!! It only seems nutty this month because there aren’t any holidays to distract people with this month – but it rocked that I was the first kid to bring cupcakes into school!!!!

  3. That’s a pretty eccentric – not to say selective – list. And I’m pretty sure a few of those things had FA to do with August…

    For example: Wiki lists Teapot protests in Feb, April, July, Sept 2009 – not in Aug. Louis Gohmert uncovered the Terrorist Baby Plot back in June. The Chandra Levy disappearance brought Gary Condit into the mass-media spotlight in May (2001 – if that’s the allusion), not August (OK, there was an interview with him in Aug, but so what?). Monty Python’s Flying Circus was first broadcast in the US in July – oh, wait; not that Palin and not that carnival of hucksters…

    Still, Aug (or thereabouts) has always been Dumb Media Month because it’s a slow news time, as other’s have pointed out. Over in the UK it’s called Silly Season; in Germany it’s Sauregurkenzeit (pickled gherkins time); in Dutch it’s komkommertijd (‘cucumber time’); etc…

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