About That Mosque

I keep getting emails from people who send me links that are pro-mosque and anti-mosque and those who just want to know what my opinion is on the matter.

As an atheist, I find no cause for celebration in the construction of any religious building whether it’s a mosque, cathedral, or a new spaghetti place (granted, that last one might be the exception).

But as an American atheist whose understanding of the matter is that everything is being privately funded and they went through the correct channels, I don’t have much of a problem with it. There is no better example of American freedom than having a vilified religious minority able to build a place of worship despite the shrieking protests of a religious majority. And a majority of these protesters are the same ones who scream religious persecution when you tell them they can’t put their religious statues on public property.


  1. You know – you are so right. The worst I thought about it was “great another religious building”. But a spaghetti place THAT would be awesome!!! (I’m not joking – my first word was “psgetti” as a baby!)

    I made a nice big long comment on the post after this before I read this one – but basically I feel that same way. This country is too varied and individualistic in so many different ways (though FOX would have us believe differently) that no one group could really ever completely take over – I don’t fear that. In individual towns, yes, but the whole country? Honestly I think all politics are local… no matter what SCHLOX News thinks…

    I’m could care less really. I’m FAR more annoyed with the township screwing us over constantly while raising our taxes…

  2. This is America. Moslems here can do whatever they want as long as they obey the laws. Anyone protesting that doesn’t really understand what freedom is.

  3. I’d like to also point out that the actual project is an Islamic community/cultural center, not a Mosque. Yes, there is a prayer area inside. But there are also basketball courts, meeting rooms, etc. We don’t call a hospital a church because it has a chapel inside. People are jumping to conclusions without taking the time to get all the details.

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