1. I hope he knows that Velco was invented by a government run program, and it was invented by a group, not an individual.

    It was invented for the Apollo space program. They spun the patent off and sold it.

    Oops, another government program that proves Ayn Rand wrong. Again.

    1. Actually, Velcro was invented in 1941 by Swiss engineer, George de Mestra, and patented by him in 1955. Just a tad early for Apollo.

  2. You know, that commenter actually has a point.One of the guys responsible for the invention of the PCR technique (polymerase chain reaction… a quick technique to take one DNA strand and turn it into 1 billion identical strands… it revolutionized the field of molecular biology) is a complete loon. He is a denier of the link between HIV and AIDS, climage change, and he believes in astrology.

    Surely you can separate this man from his invention!

    And Einstein was quite the womanizer, apparently. That’s the great thing about science, though… it doesn’t matter! The work stands on its own.

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