1. I was going to post almost the same thing!

      I love it when people that advocate hurting animals as part of a sport have the tables turned on them. Usually it’s just the matador getting gored. Seeing rodeo douchebags getting stomped is like porn to me. Well, almost… get that image out of your head!

  1. I never knew they could jump like that. Amazing!
    And yeah, if you watch the senseless torture of an animal for entertainment, you deserve to be trampled by it.

  2. Sure, the best way to protect bulls is to allow them to kill people…
    So in order to prevent killing we encourage some other killing?
    Guys, check you common sense, it failed for a couple of seconds, those you spent commenting this post.

    1. Nobody “allowed” any bull to kill people. These guys chose to throw a bull in an arena to be slowly killed by people armed with spikes and swords, call it entertainment and watch. It’s entirely their fault if they get hurt, and it’s entirely our right to say HA! HA!
      Consequences will never be the same.

      1. “Consequences will never be the same.”

        LOL… i see what you did there. 🙂

        As for the bullfighting – I always pull for the bull as well.

    2. So in order to prevent killing we encourage some other killing?

      No, we encourage some other killing (that of everyone involved) as the satisfaction of karma. I wish Michael Vick would have been in the stands.
      The bull wouldn’t need to “be protected by killing people” if it hadn’t been put there by people planning to kill it first, funded by people that paid to watch it. I’d still laugh if the whole arena at max capacity got swallowed by a sinkhole. I would feel bad the bulls though.

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