Dr. Laura Calls It Quits

Shucks, darn, too bad:

Schlessinger ending her radio show because “my First Amendment rights have been usurped by angry, hateful groups”

Sorry Dr. Laura, your freedom of speech doesn’t take away my freedom to consider you to be a disgusting racist idiot for what you say.

As a side note, never trust a person who uses “Dr.” along with their first name. Dr. Laura, Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew. I’m always distrustful of someone who uses their Dr. title to elevate themselves over you but then uses their first name for maximum folksiness effect.


  1. Dear Dr. Laura–the First Amendment only applies to the state and federal government. You have to right to free speech in relation to private actors. Also, telling you that you are a bigot is about my speech and not yours. No one is stopping you from being as aweful as you are. But at least learn about the Constitution before you reference it.

  2. I’m working on a new children’s book. If you give a racist a microphone, they’re just going to want an audience. If you give a racist an audience, they’re just going to want a haughty prefix with which to elevate themselves…

    1. Do say you’re going to get Laura Numeroff to illustrate it. I have to wonder how she’d draw a racist: A Dr. Laura-like harpy? A rosy-cheeked cherub in a Klan robe? Glenn Beck (did I just repeat myself)?

  3. Being criticized is not the same as losing one’s rights. No one, not one person, is denying her legal right to say that word as many times as she wants. She merely wants to be protected from the consequences of her bad choices.

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