1. Being British, the weather is a easy topic for me to talk about on autopilot – Fortunately, Las Vegas is in a desert so the locals are always interested in chatting about the heat, wind, flooding etc.

  2. Not big on the ol’ smalltalk, but if it does come about, I’ll try steer it to music, in the hope of a discussion of similar taste forming and possibly an exchange of some interesting tunes. If their taste is shit, well thats about it

  3. Most of my small talk is in the elevator. So I either compliment articles of clothing or I make fun of the elevator music. Depends on how loud the music is on any given day.

  4. I can’t handle small talk, but use it on occasion to make others more comfortable that they would be were I completely silent. I teach at a college and if a student is coming with me from one place to another I do the “what’s your major” or “what other classes are you taking” since I know walking for 5 minutes without talking would seem pretty weird.

  5. I hate small talk, but I have to work with everyone in the org. at some time or another… If it’s work, “So, stayin’ busy?” If at a party I refuse to answer “So, what do you do?” with a truthful answer. They reason is: 1. I don’t care what “they” do, and 2. I didn’t go to a party to talk about my work. I went there because I was dragged there by my girlfriend. Her, “Did you tell John at the party you were welder?”

  6. I hate making small talk, but when it’s a must, the topic depends on the other person. I try to find something we might have in common and work from there. Always lucky when they have a t-shirt with a logo or at least a picture of something. They usually don’t. 🙁

  7. our weather is too static to be good for small talk. i use the days of the week…. monday – “i’m already looking forward to friday” , tuesday – at least its not monday, etc.
    i usually only do small talk in elevators……

  8. i dont know if i do much small talk if i have to talk to someone new at work i just ask about how long they’ve been in the field. now that I’m visibly pregnant it seems like EVERYONE wants to tell me alllllll about what pregnancy and labour is like. Im not asking them, they just decide that I should know and assume I either dont know anything or that i need to know what they think they know. its awful. sometimes i get so sick of talking about being pregnant or having babies, i miss the times people would say stuff like “nice weather we’re having!” or “hot enough for yah?”

  9. Monday and tuesday: ask what they did over the weekend. Wed, Thurs and Friday ask what they have planned for the coming weekend. Surprisingly I am genuinely interested. I enjoy hearing what people do in their free time. It makes them more human outside of work.

  10. My small-talk tends to avalanche into big-talk topics. Talking about favorite food suddenly becomes talking about corn syrup and farming subsidies. Every small topic covers a bottomless pit-trap of information and awkward humiliation.

  11. My best is, “If you could go back in time, would you be able to (air quotes) invent (/air quotes) something/”
    They reply with something like, “Oh, yeah. I’d definitely invent the computer.”
    Of course I then ask if they could even build one with existing parts and I return to my bubble and look at everyone in the fish tank.
    If you instead want to be friendly, opening with a Neil Hamburger joke works surprisingly well.

  12. my favorite topics are movies and weather but i have a bit of a scatterbrain, so at any given moment something completely random will be a floatin’ through the gourd.
    if i deem whatever it is to be funny enough and i have had enough caffeine to want to initiate jibber-jabber then whatever it is becomes my topic.

  13. Having to play ‘Bosses wife” at many an event, I find people love to talk about themselves, and their children. ZZZZZ but that’s life!

  14. Not that you need another comment, but omg i so agree with you. Most people have nothing to talk about, and i always wear my headphones to avoid ‘small talk’with anyone i pass. In Australia, (my home) we get loads of people on ther street trying to make me donate to some charity. I have even been told to take my headphones off so some nitwit can convince me to donate to Greenpeace, HEADPONES MEAN ME NO TALKY TO YOU!

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