Ex-Con and Infomercial Star’s Bizarre Office Memos

From The Smoking Gun:

Trudeau, a convicted felon, has been the FTC’s Public Enemy Number One for more than a decade, owing to his habit of making false and misleading claims when peddling various products to unsuspecting/gullible consumers. These products include purported weight loss “cures,” get-rich-quick programs, and alternative medicine books disclosing cures that the medical community has supposedly hidden from the public.

Along with ripping off his customers, the oily Trudeau appears to be a nightmare boss based on scores of internal policy directives he has issued to employees over the years. There are too many bizarre Trudeau communiqués to publish here, so we’ve settled on a quartet that provide a glimpse at his management style and priorities.

These strange Trudeau directives address company policies on clean desks, the use of dictionaries, the need to drink fruit and vegetable juices, and Scientology and Dianetics.


  1. Love his comparison of a lightbulb and a laser. Someone excelled at physics…

    “Example: A light bulb is not going to hurt us. If you stand underneath it for five days, nothing is going to happen to you. If you take that exact same light and add nothing to it; but simply focus all of the light into a single beam, you will create a laser. That laser will put a hole in this table, it is the same power, it is just focused. Our minds are the same way.”

    Aside from the fact that…

    1) You can hurt yourself with a light bulb, just hold on to it.
    2) You’d probably collapse after standing under one for 5 days.
    3) You add nothing to it, yet focus the light by adding optics.
    4) A focused incandescent bulb in no way resembles Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
    5) A 100W CO2 laser might be able to engrave a table, but you’d likely need 1000W to cut through one.

    …I find no fault with his logic. Even the line further in that states “The water today is much heavier or larger than it was one hundred years ago.” Yup, sea levels are rising because the water’s just getting bigger.

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    Sure. Let’s not forget it also works backwards: these “services” attritube their success to John Travolta, Tom Cruise, and many other celebrities and very wealthy people.

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