1. My black cat from many years ago was when I was young and loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Thus, when the homeless cat my family took in had kittens, and one of them was black….I named him “Ninja.”

  2. @McGee – I feel your pain. We’ve got two different litter boxes in the laundry room for our resident feline. If one’s not up to snuff, there’s the back up… but he’ll STILL occasionally whiz on the floor next to it. It’s maddening!

  3. For the incontinent cat owners: I had that problem with a cat of mine. Since you can’t change a cat’s will, you have to adjust to it. I put those puppy training pads in the areas he would frequently go. Cats seem to always want to pee on something, so he was still getting his way, and I was keeping the floor dry. They sell those floor pads wherever you buy pet supplies – even some grocery stores carry them.

  4. “Mr. Evil” is way, way cooler than “Bathroom Cat”, as ours runs to supervise all humans about their business, not unlike a 7 year old boy flinging open the door of every Port O Let and peering inside.

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