1. I’ve seen several pictures of that happening in other places, and it’s always the word “school,” always misspelled the same way. It’s like some kind of inside joke the street painters do now and then.

    1. Me too, but then I don’t type at one 12ft letter per minutes, or type the same single word every day for work. You’d think they’d get it right.

  2. I hope the school holds an assembly and the painters all come up to the stage for a hug from the principal and receive their “At Least You Tried Hard!” awards.

  3. It totally amazed me yesterday that this spelling mistake got so much coverage. I’ve seen the same thing done in pictures going back at least 10-15 years. I guess this is for the younger generation, whom if we hadn’t have pointed it out, probably wouldn’t have noticed with their text spelling education.

  4. I’ve seen this road-painted SHCOOL thing in lots of internet photos. It’s IRONIC!! haha.
    Here’s another example … At my 10 year high school reunion (a long time ago) the ‘Olde English’ lettering on the cover of the event program had the name of the high school spelled out in all caps (which nowadays reminds us all of gang tattoos), and the word school was spelled SCOOL.
    Since it was a swirly black letter font it was kind of hard to see immediately, but there it was. Lots of witnesses to this one, and I still have it. It reminds me of where I came from. 🙂
    I wasn’t all that surprised by it, though. My high school was barely functional.

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