Paula Deen Deep Fries Cheescake Y’all

And because deep fried cheesecake alone would be too low-cal, she rolls it in a mountain of powdered sugar, adds chocolate and strawberry syrup and a mound of whip cream. But she does add a vegetable in the form of a mint leaf. My theory is she owns a ton of stock in the Big & Tall stores.

(via I have fried the whole of the internet)


  1. Jeez!
    I gained four pounds WATCHING that!
    And, yes, I need an Intervention because I really, really want to try some.
    With chocolate milk.

  2. I use nearly the same recipe as Paula except I insert one Lipitor tablet into the cheesecake slice prior to wrapping and frying. Brings a little more life to the dinner table, I believe.

  3. God this woman pisses me off. It’s not just that she’s presenting this horrible (but delicious, I’m sure) food to America, she’s actually INSTRUCTING everyone on HOW to make it. I mean, this is the sort of stuff you try at the state fair maybe once a year. To encourage people to actually make it for themselves any time they want is…well, kind of evil.



  4. You all should take a trip here to Indiana and come to our state fair that is currently running. Among this years popular food items is Deep Fried Butter and the big attraction is the Donut Double Cheese Burger. Yes, it’s a double cheese burger except instead of a bun, it’s a Krispie Kreme donut. No wonder Abbi Crutchfield moved to NYC and has tried to distance herself from us. I guess last years Deep Fried Pepsi has become old news.

  5. What’s the line from Tommy Boy? “I can actually hear you getting fatter.” I realize it’s studio, but I salute anyone who has a deep fryer built into their counter top.

  6. ugh. my fatherinlaw uses his deep fryer more often than his oven stove and microwave combined. i consider everything he cooks to be a mild form of poison. when we leave their house after a visit we all smell like rancid grease.
    i like how her y’alls dont even sound like y’all, it sounds like shes saying “yow”

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