1. As a cyclist, seeing other cyclists going the wrong way down a one way street is my greatest cycling pet-peeve. I live on a one-way street, with a sign on it that says “If you can read this, you’re cycling the wrong way,” and I’ve almost gotten creamed by wrong-way cyclists when turning onto my street before.

    That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed and laughed out loud at this video. It’s such the antithesis of every other road incident I’ve ever seen: nobody blows up at anybody else, both of them concede that they shared some of the blame, and they move on.

    The problem with cyclists/motorists/pedestrians doesn’t come down to any of them being inherently bad or good. It’s just people not paying attention and being assholes; this happens in all three classes.

    1. Yeah, I have to agree. Both parties were in the wrong and both just sucked it up and moved on (with a lot of grumbling). No YouTube fistfights, guns being drawn, or blood everywhere.
      Adam, “what a c*unt, would have got a beat down if he’d hit me!”, would that have made you feel better? If so, then I guess we’re back to YouTube fistfights, guns being drawn, and blood everywhere.

      1. Nope, probably not, but hopefully would make him think twice about doing it again.

        Of course my view may be different to yours, as over here there’s no such a thing as ‘jaywalking’, the old guy was simply crossing the road using due care and not expecting some idiot to be bearing down on him from the wrong direction. The cyclist was 100% in the wrong – riding the wrong way, without adequate control and not even looking where he was going. I fail to see how you can possibly defend him.

      2. You should still look both ways. I live on a one-way street bound on the ends by two other one-way streets, and cars go the wrong way (as a shortcut, not because they can’t read signs) often enough. I even saw the FedEx guy taking off down the wrong way so he wouldn’t have to go all the way around. The first day I lived here in Boston, I was driving outbound on Comm. Ave., a main thoroughfare with trolley tracks and a fence down the middle for most of it, with one access road on the side of each, but at one part the trolley track crosses a corner and splits between one direction of traffic and its access road. So I’m following traffic on my side, some numbnuts is driving the wrong way on our side, right at us. He must be from England, lol! There was nothing he could do to turn around either until the corner.

        Point is, you’re not going to save time or your life or injury only looking the direction you expect traffic to come, especially in a city street. For a bike messenger as it was with the FedEx truck in my neighborhood, time is money, getting there faster with deliveries means more money and going home earlier. I don’t think the biker did the right thing, and nor do I think there’s anything wrong with crossing the street in between crosswalks. I didn’t like this biker’s attitude a lot either, but the pedestrian should know by his age that the world doesn’t work the way you think it should, look both ways, don’t get hit by surprise. I hate to say this, but even up at a crosswalk, watch before you cross even though the car should stop at the stop sign — cars usually stop after the stop sign to see oncoming cars if they don’t see a pedestrian already in the crosswalk.

        It’s also nice to see so many bicyclists argue against this messenger’s behavior because he did do the wrong thing. I see a lot of reckless people on bikes in the city and they just seem to have no idea how they are not working with the law could jeopardize their own life. I think they have the right to be on the road and I’m careful when I see them, but they seem to take a lot of chances, cross lanes with no notice, pop out of nowhere, make sudden moves, drive through red lights… they think they have pedestrian rights with the speed and agility of wheels, they’re not courteous of drivers to make sure we can see them in our mirror, it hardly seems fair to the brakes, or insurance rates of drivers who may hit them because they don’t follow the law. They seem to know what moves they’re planning to make but they move too fast and don’t signal. They’re depending on the drivers to move predictably while they weave in and out, nobody can change lanes without accounting for invisible bike riders who might pop in front of you or to the left, who can tell? I would love to get a bike for alternate transportation, but it’s all very scary to see. I mean, it’s nice to hear from people who aren’t like that.

  2. what a c*unt, would have got a beat down if he’d hit me!

    How about “yeah I ran him over, but he was riding the wrong way, cancels out, keep walking”

  3. Yeah, the cyclist never really acknowledged his own culpability in this collision, even though his error was the greater of the two.

  4. That cyclist is such an asshole. He was RECORDING his fucking illegal way of driving. He didn’t even have a hand ready for braking. Take two such drivers and you got yourself a double Darwin Award.

      1. Nope. The reason he hits the guy is because he looks off to the right, but the camera remains facing forward. Maybe on his shoulder or backpack?
        At the time of the collision though he has his right hand full of papers and his left no where near the brake.

    1. Yeah, why is he filming this. After that “Jenny quit” post, I’m a little suspicious that there was no ensuing rage. The bicyclist seemed to hit this guy pretty hard but he got right up and said he wasn’t hurt, didn’t say, you ruined my suit. Then of course the bicyclist claims victory by agreeing it was even, when he was making the greater error, even seems a little pissed off that the pedestrian made a mistake at all, like it was all the pedestrian’s fault but the pedestrian called it even so he couldn’t argue with him for crossing the street… Now I see it’s been removed.

  5. I nearly killed a bicyclist who was going the wrong way. Was turning on to the street and didn’t see him. Thankfully he dodged out of the way in time. He yelled at me about not looking where I was going. How about you don’t ride the wrong way, douche bag?

  6. What a dick. Riding the wrong way down the street like that means he doesn’t share in the responsibility of his own safety. It demands everyone else bet EXTRA aware of him and take extra energy to prevent him from being hurt. I don’t think a court of law would have canceled it out if the guy had been injured more seriously or if it were a car going the wrong way.

  7. maybe he is riding the wrong way so he can face traffic and be EXTRA aware of vehicles approaching him from the front.. (and seriously.. that guy came out of nowhere) so he is taking more responsibility for his safety even if it is the ‘wrong way’ – if you’ve ever biked before..even with a mirror I find it dangerous riding with traffic approaching from behind. too many cyclists killed that way.

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