1. The box on the floor looks like the oscilloscopes we used in Electronics class. I guess the disco lights in the dash are just bling. I’d have to remove some of those switches and see if they’re connected to anything.

    I might also get it up to 88 miles per hour, then push the steering wheel buttons. You know, just to see.

  2. I believe the gadget all the way to the right is an ocilloscope(probably wrong spelling, sue me). You can use one to test digital sensors on cars, not that this car would have many. It would be strange, and possibly dangerous, to test them while driving. I think this stuff was added in an attempt to make this car look cool.

    1. Yeah, this guy was definitly a nerd, or at least a wannabe nerd. Or just really weird. In a back issue of Weird NJ, there was a guy who claimed he had a car that would periodically travel through time. He had a lot of other strange theories and stories, and you could tell he was a little off kilter. I imagine whoever modified this car was probably of a similar mentality. Or just thought it would be funny.

  3. Not sure how much old scopes are selling for but if they only paid a few hundred for the car might be able to recoup that by selling the scope provided it works as more than a fancy light display.

    I do love this though, especially since the guy they bought it from had no clue, makes me want to put some whacked out electronics/lights/gizmo in a car and sell it with a straight face and answer of “It was like that when I bought it”

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