1. Spencer shouldn’t have said that about her. No matter how attractive she is.
    Whoever hires her will have to be very, very careful.

  2. I’m sure she’ll be fine too. After this I can’t see her landing a job based on her maturity, calmness under pressure or past references(!) …. but she’ll get a ton of offers of well paid media jobs selling some crap based purely on the attention she’s got and the fact she’s quite pretty…. win?

  3. She’ll get tons of job offers. No job placement firm in the world could get her this kind of exposure. According to her, her former boss was a Boss From Hell type and deserved this style of farewell. While her handling of the issue is questionable at best, some will see past that (or not as far as that) and give her a job just because they feel she deserves it for “sticking it to the man.” I just hope that person realizes that he/she will be the new “man.”

    1. I do think it’s a stupid way to go out, everyone would wish they had thought of it or had the nerve. It’s too reckless to be real, but she’s so young that it could have been real, because she’s too immature to realize it’s reckless. Imagine that a lot of people will copycat this anyway, and find out the hard way, nobody cares what kind of hell your job was. I have lived this girl’s life, without quitting so “informally,” I have gone months of tolerating ass bosses and coworkers, and even my friends and family didn’t care. That’s what having a job is like, they’d say. It’s the same everywhere you go, it’s not a special hell, it’s not special at all. “Jenny” is not special either.

    2. agreed that it’s a stunt . The kicker for me is the fact she claimed to have access to the logs to view her bosses surfing habits? No dice. If you do put a system like that in place and you are the boss the only people who have access are IT and second you tell IT that they they don’t monitor you.


  4. She’s awesome! And especially because she listed the ethical lapses of her evil boss. I’d hire her in a heartbeat. If I had a job to offer her,that is….

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