JetBlue flight attendant turns into overnight Internet sensation

From the NY Post:

Move over Chesley Sullenberger, make room for Steven Slater.

The JetBlue flight attendant who went berserk has become an overnight Internet hero to workers everywhere after arguing with a passenger, then escaping down the plane’s inflatable emergency chute at JFK Airport clutching a beer.

A day after the attendant-turned-wing-nut had a meltdown on a flight from Pittsburgh, eight Facebook fan pages have been created overnight in Slater’s name.

What has made the 39-year-old Slater so heroic to many is that he quit his job after grabbing a brew from the beverage cart and, in a move fit for an action movie, deployed the plane’s emergency chutes, where he slid away to his parked car and drove off — something many have only dreamed of doing.

“Come to San Francisco and I will buy you a drink,” wrote one fan on Facebook. “You are a hero to many!”

There are even “Free Steven Slater” T-shirts available on for fans to buy.

“People are making a folk hero out of Slater, because we’ve all been there,” said Dr. Alan Hilfer, director of psychology at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn. “Long hours, no raise or possibly a salary cut. Couple that with a difficult customer or client and he did what we all wanted to do, he told the customer to shove it! And stormed off. The drama of this situation captured all of our attention because we all love drama.”