1. damn she is stupid. Seriously she is nothing more than a puppet and I am confident that she would get destroyed by her own ignorance if she tried to run for president. If she ever did get elected president, I might have to just leave this country.

    1. “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the american people.” — H. L. Mencken

      Look for the world to end on 11.6.2012.

  2. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when she got back to the car and the homey facade went away. Or maybe she’s even too dumb to realize what just happened.

    1. That’s exactly what struck me. Also, her complete lack of subtlety with this tone. She couldn’t care less that she comes across as snotty.

  3. When the lady asked “In what way are you fighting for that?” and palin responded with an exasperated “Oh my goodness!…”…wow.

    There’s just no way to sum up how out of her depth she is.

    1. I thought so too. They all rolled their eyes like, “ooh, big whoop. You’re a teacher. So damn what?” Her condescension is sickening. What a bitch.

      I’m just glad that since she’s out of politics her legal influence gone. As Governor she could have found some excuse to send the cops down there and harass the woman, and getting the banner removed by calling it a threat to the peace or something. It’s also cool that she now has to pay for those thugs with earpieces out of her own pocket.

  4. Who the hell was that bloke trying to block the camera. Reminded me of security service operatives in China trying to pevent news filming near Tiananmen Square by holding umbrellas in front of camera crew. In both cases they were trying to prevent ‘official embarrasment’ and in both cases they failed.

    Yet more proof, if more proof were needed, that Sarah Palin knows so little, so doesn’t know how little she knows.

  5. when stalling to try to think of a legitimate answer it helps to get all histrionic by exclaiming “OH MY GOODNESS” like the other person’s totally valid intelligent question is the dumbest most obvious exasperating question ever. its the cheapest debate tactic in the book

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