1. I couldn’t get past the first 30 seconds, it’s just too painful. But I wonder where the money that pays for the ads is coming from?

  2. I can only watch a few seconds of any of his videos, because they’re just too painful, so I can’t tell: Is this guy retarded? I mean this sincerely. Are we making fun of a retarded guy?

    1. I think he’s a deadly combo of a being a drunk and mentally challenged. I actually feel really sorry for him, rather than threatened by The Crazy. It almost seems to me that the people producing these videos are doing so just to mock him….and as someone who has worked with children with special needs quite a bit, that offends me.

  3. I’ve never seen someone before with the last name “dot com.”

    If this isn’t satire I geuinely feel sorry for the guy.

  4. To anyone who turned it off before the end, wait until the last 30 seconds. At about 1:35-1:40 Basil takes us to another level of comedy. I couldn’t stop laughing at the end. No more gold-fringed flags! bahahaha

  5. I think the most depressing comment on society today is that we can’t be certain this isn’t satire. When a guy like this could either be a legitimate candidate, a comedian, or some idiot being made fun of and we can’t be certain which he is – that’s truly sad.

    And I agree with those who suspect he may actually be developmentally challenged. At first I thought he was just drunk, but this video confirms my suspicion that he has even bigger problems.

    Also… what exactly is traffic stop slavery? It’s kind of interesting to see what he’s complaining about just as a peek into the culture of Tennessee. Gold-laced flag? Traffic-stop slavery? Plant Vegitation? Tennessee is sounding cooler by the minute.

  6. Actually have spent the last two days down in Cookville, TN and Sunday night in Springfield, MA. And although they aren’t running as many campaign commercials as up in MA, they do seem wackier. I saw one last night were he spent over 1/2 the commercial talking about how good a Christian he is and he wants to return Christianity to Government. The rest were trying to tie their opponents to Al Gore.

    I would prefer this guy to half those I saw running.

  7. We all joke that he’s drunk or mentally slow, but according to his website, he is or rather was a Force Recon Marine. Maybe he’s had some sort brain damage from his past military life and that would explain his mannerisms. If that’s the case, it doesn’t excuse him from not being able to present himself in the best way possible. Aside from his on camera presentations, his website makes him look bat shit insane. It’s full of spelling and grammatical errors and at times, makes absolutely no sense. What the hell does slavery at traffic stops mean?
    If he wants the public to take him seriously, he needs to hire PR and a proof-reader for his site. Otherwise, he shouldn’t be surprised that we are having a good laugh at his expense.

  8. That was really weird. Was he drunk?

    You gotta wonder, did he see this before it aired? Why on earth would anyone look that bad for a commercial?

    That was weird. I couldn’t even laugh, I just felt sorry for him. Doesn’t matter what his message was supposed to be, I couldn’t get past the delivery (or lack of).

  9. If this is real (and if it is, WE’RE DOOMED) I very much doubt that this man really was in the military as a “recon” guy. No one would put their life in his hands. I also suspect that the badge is fake.

    If you want another laugh, go to his website (BasilMarceaux.com!). At the very least, this web site proves that we need education reform in this country!

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