1. That’s Pittsburgh for you – women and girls are treated as whores no matter what. The Principal no doubt just poo-pooed her. I was so happy to get the hell out of there. Assholes. Scary thing is Upper St. Clair is supposed to be one of the better areas to live! If you have daughters DO NOT LET THEM LIVE IN PITTSBURGH!!!! First off, they would get paid 1/3 as much as the guy doing half the work she is… then she’ll get raped at work, after work…and called “honey” by men old enough to be her grandfather…GOD I hate Pitt-holes-burgh…

    But I’m not bitter….nooooooooooo…

    1. hmm… my pittsburgh experience has apparently been very different from yours. i happen to like it here.

      but, im a guy, which probably explains why i’ve never been raped.

  2. i would also add (and i am not unaware that Julia was using hyperbole, but still, her advertisement of pittsburgh as america’s rape capital needs to be addressed) that i work with 4 females, none of whom have ever been raped, and two of whom get paid more than i do.
    also, my best friend (i do not work with her) is a female who has never been raped and makes more money than i do.

  3. In err’s defense, my cousin is a med student in Pittsburgh, and she loves it there, and her Pittsburgh-boyfriend.
    I went to Pittsburgh for a conference, and thought it was great. The conference was within walking distance of the famous Primanti Bros, I don’t know if that gives anyone an idea of the neighborhood. That sandwich assaulted my arteries though, and that was awesome!

  4. Unbelievable to me that school officials would take it upon themselves to conduct a criminal investigation. I was under the impression that if you know of a crime and don’t report it, that makes you an accessory after the fact. This principle should be arrested.

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