1. I think anyone brought up on the charge of being brown while living in Arizona should get a lawyer and go ahead and get detained. Sure, it’s a hassle, but that’s how you do it when your rights are being violated, as opposed to showing your identity right away. They want to simply check people, it’s good for a few people right from the start to protest the law by making it a lot of work for the officials who are enforcing it, and demonstrating it to be a human rights violation rather than going with the flow and letting this law stand. It would be easy for people with an ID to just show it and get on their way, but that’s not how you protest. Just peacefully get in the van and get a lawyer and don’t say anything or show them your ID.

  1. She never said if the woman provided any state-issued ID at all. If she did, that should be enough. If she didn’t, calling border patrol before processing is jumping the gun, IMO. I could see taking her to the police station first. If they still couldn’t determine her citizenship status, then go to the next level. That seems like it’s wasting resources that might be needed elsewhere.

    1. I think they pulled her over because she allegedly ran a stop sign. It seems that she did show her ID to the police because that’s what they ask you to do if they pull you over, and they checked on her past violations, otherwise how would they know? They then felt the need to call Border Patrol to confirm her identity after the police had already seen her ID, so she wouldn’t answer any more questions from them and was detained. Of course you call a lawyer!

    2. It’s easy to be an undocumented immigrant with a driver’s licence or social security card. Showing those to the police would not prove that she was a citizen, or a legal immigrant. She would need to show a US birth certificate, naturalisation certificate, or current valid visa. None of which are things that people normally carry around with them, in case they get mugged.

  2. The incident took place in the University District- I’m familiar with the area. I wonder if the woman taken into custody was a student. I agree with Stephen’s comment- those Border Patrol Trucks with those tiny back doors look like vehicles to transport animals, not human beings.

    SB1070 sucks- the Constitution needn’t be trampled to correct the illegal immigration problem. I want the drug and gun smuggling stopped- it’s dangerous as hell in some remote areas and the mounds (literally tons) of trash found in public wilderness areas is overwhelming, but at the same time, I can’t think of anybody in my circle that doesn’t know somebody who probably doesn’t have the right papers and is working here. You get to know people- decent people, people who’d give you the shirt off their back- and we know how hard it is to get the right paperwork. We know someone’s sweet teenage daughter who was pulled over while riding with her boyfriend- here illegally- and her dad never saw her again, never had a chance to say goodbye.

  3. You will never keep those Canadians out. If only there was a way to identify them easier. Maybe Arizona should require them to sew a maple leaf on their clothing to better identify their place of origin as they cross their border.

  4. Wait, if she had a traffic violation previously they would have those records. There shouldn’t have been any question as to her citizenship then. Lawyers are going to have a field day with this one. F**k Arizona, F**k the so called “conservatives” – this is EXACTLY how Nazi Germany started!!!! This friggin’ attitude and police state behavior.

    Start bleaching everything now people!!!

  5. I’m not familiar with the law, but what if you’re a tourist in Arizona? Can the police still detain you if they think you’re illegal?

    1. You know how sometimes cops will pull you over for something marginal, like a single license plate light being out. At that point if they pull you over in Arizona they can (if they have “reasonable suspicion”) ask you for your papers.
      So yes, if you are a tourist from another State and you don’t have your passport/visa/birth certificate/etc you could be fucked.

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