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From the comments of Metafilter:

Revoking a 142-year-old plank of the constitution to create a generation of stateless people is not conservative, it is radical. Requiring hispanic citizens to provide their papers on demand or face jail is not conservative, it is radical. Withdrawal from the UN, abolition of the Department of Education, and privatization of Social Security and Medicaid are not conservative policies, they are radical policies. Amending the constitution to revoke the citizenship of the current President because he won the Nobel Prize is not conservative, it is radical.

The Republican Party is not a conservative party, it is a radical party.


  1. I’m almost with you. I just can’t find anyone that can simultaneously convince me that they got a better education in 1960 AND that we should have a federal department of education. Kinda a tough sell.

    1. Nevertheless, abolishing the department of Education is a radical idea, not a conservative one.
      My question to any who would abolish the Dept of Education: What do you see as the alternative? Homeschooling? Full control by local boards, populated mainly by Young Earth Creationists?
      You may have a point in that the current structure is flawed. But to abolish it entirely is nuts, and remains the domain of the tinfoil hat crowd. (and YES, Ron Paul is CRAZY!!!).

      1. I suppose my point is that I’m surrounded (literally) by over 40’s who went through most or all of their schooling WITHOUT the ED, as it was signed into being in 1979. Before that, there was a smaller level of federal oversight into the states’ running of the school systems and I would challenge anyone to point at improvements. All that can be said honestly is that the very WORST schools in the US had their educational levels raised a BIT while the best public schools were dragged down to hell in the name of equality.

        The No Child Left Behind act and other similar standardized testing scenarios have been universally panned by people on every side of this debate as being ineffectual and invalid indicators of the quality of education.

        Tinfoil hat or not, unless someone can show me any successes from the current ED, I’m going to remain an opponent.

  2. When you support governments that are anti-constitution or view our government as the great satan then that is not radical it’s status quo. Any excuse to keep us in NATO and keep pouring are resources into countries that benefit from state provided health care means we should figure out our priorities and ignore the military industrial complex controlled press.

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