1. That ice cream guy should lose his license. He clearly wasn’t paying attention. That’s criminal negligence causing bodily harm. No doubt that the “if a motorist does it, it isn’t illegal crowd” will disagree though.

      1. No way, the ice cream driver should have at least half of the blame even if the guy was doing something retarded. How could the driver not see the guy? It’s not like he was too small to see. Shouldn’t an ice cream driver be used to watching for jaywalking pedestrians?

    1. come on now, he honked like any good driver would do, then ran the fuck over him. I would have done the same except maybe swing back around and take out the camera man too.

  2. If more dumbasses like this start getting ran over, then there will be less dumbasses dancing in traffic to be “cute”. The only thing that would have made me happier in this clip is if the music would have been playing on the ice cream truck.

  3. What upsets me is that because of this moron (whether or not the Ice Cream Truck was entirely to blame), the poor driver and any witnesses are probably traumatized, if not directly losing their time to make statements to the police, assist the victim with injuries, wait for the ambulance, or lose his license (on the part of the driver). I hope the stupid victim tries to sue the driver and gets laughed out of court when the judge sees this video.

    But more importantly – what the hell kind of dance was he doing? I’m more upset that he though that was worth filming that I am at the fact he was merrily heading into traffic and causing an accident.

  4. Oh – and a different but related video utters the best phrase ever; a man was cited for being a “reckless pedestrian”. This man is the epitome of reckless ambulation.

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