Israel to Deport Migrant Workers’ Children

From The Seattle Times:

JERUSALEM — Israel moved Sunday to deport the offspring of hundreds of migrant workers, mostly small children who were born in Israel, speak Hebrew and have never seen their parents’ native countries.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the new policy was intended to stem a flood of illegal workers, whose children receive state-funded education and health-care benefits, and to defend Israel’s Jewish identity.

Kyl: Illegal Aliens’ Kids Shouldn’t Be Citizens.


  1. I wonder if this policy makes the American anti-immigration crowd cream their pants and cross their fingers that they can push for the same thing here.

  2. At least they’re addressing the issue before the numbers balloon into millions of people like it has here. Right now they’re only dealing with a few hundred thousand.

    The big difference however is that their new policy is aimed at children of foreign workers who arrived legally and then started families. According to the article, under Israeli law, the children were not automatically granted residency status, although they are considering exceptions such as allowing some to “stay and receive residency status if they meet certain requirements such as living for the last five years in Israel and attending grade school.”

    It’s just too bad that they are doing it because of “Zionist considerations and ensuring the Jewish character of the state of Israel.”

  3. This is worse than even the anti-immigrant people here. Israel needed the immigrants, permitted them entry and work, and now wants to deport innocent children. That is heinous.

  4. My only knowledge of the Israel Palestinian conflict stems from reading “from beirut to lebanon” by Thomas Friedman several years ago. In the book, he explains amongst other things that because Israel is “supposed” to be a jewish state, it can’t allow palestinians to become a majority in their country. Which is akin to saying “The U.S is supposed to be a protestant / anglo country, so we won’t let anybody who doesn’t fit that mold in, lest they eventually outnumber us”. It’s an outdated idea to think countries need to be made up of a single ethnic/religious group, and there’s no justification for this kind of racism.

  5. Didn’t you forget to mention, that only one third of the children and their families will be deported? The rest two thirds are permitted to stay permanently.

  6. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all descended from the worship of a vengeful, capricious desert god, called variously Jehovah, Jesus, and Allah. It does not surprise me that Israel would pull an “Arizona”, since they share a basic religious philosophy and, by extension, a basic attitude of “if you’re not one of us, you’re against us”.

    What Would (the presumed once-existent but most likely fictional) Jesus Do? Or, more correctly, what would someone who followed the precepts of Jesus do? Certainly not this. And, yes, I know the Jews don’t consider Jesus their savior, but both they and the Muslims honor him as a prophet and teacher, so one would think they would follow his example–but they don’t. All three religions twist their teachings to serve their purposes, good or bad.

  7. To me, I don’t really see what the big deal of this specific legislation is beyond the fact that it is Israel doing it and not one of the many other nations around the world who have similar policies. The fact is that most nations don’t give naturalization rights to anyone born in their territory. The reason this story is even mentioned on this blog is the singular reason that it is Israel doing it, not someone else.

    If the concern was about immigration rights and open immigration, then perhaps the recent articles about Saudi Arabia sending migrants back into war zones or abusive French immigration police story would’ve been mentioned. But apparently immigrant rights isn’t the main issue, since certainly more pressing and FAR worse events would’ve thus been described and condemned on this blog.

    If people overstay their visa or amend it by including dependents, then an independent state has the right to deport said family. The fact that people are acting as if this is some atrocity just proves how far the anti-Israel bias has gone both on this blog and elsewhere.

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