1. I tend to agree with the stick figure. I can’t stand religious folk, but I also can’t stand atheists who INSIST that there is no higher power. I mean, sure there probably isn’t, but some of the people I’ve spoken to seem about as devoted to their anti-religious beliefs as the religious are to theirs. Why can’t we just shrug off the whole issue and say “I don’t really care, I’m just looking forward to the next episode of Mad Men.”

    1. I agree. I try to use a metaphor of belief in UFOs/aliens to help people understand my feelings on this. There really is no way to be sure either way. I’ve never seen a UFO, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. There are also plenty of people that have never seen one that are sure they do exist. Believers and non-believers really are just going on faith without any solid proof. Really, we don’t know what’s out there – we aren’t superior to the mysteries of the Universe, so how can anyone say there absolutely is or is not a higher power?

      To almost any religion’s scenario I say, “yeah, well, that’s one possibility.”

      1. The only difference is UFO people aren’t legislating rights away from gay people and funding wars. I think the christians are more annoying because they wave idiocy around and create laws out of it.

  2. yeah, i leave the arguing to the pat condells of the world.

    besides, trying to convince a serious believer that they are believing a lie is like trying to convince a junky to lay off the drugs… it’s pointless unless they come to the decision themselves.

  3. ‘But you’re using that same tactic to try to feel superior to me, too!’ ‘Sorry, that accusation expires after one use per conversation.’

    Gotta love the little alt text that always show up when you hover over the image.

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