1. Holy shit, that auto-tuned remix IS INCREDIBLE. Unbelievably catchy and the first auto-tuned anything that I could tolerate more than 7 seconds of. Fantastic.

  2. Oh crap! We’re through the looking glass here people! Or… or, I dunno, some other cliche!

    But really, wow. That was a damn nice remix. And kudos to the station for sticking to their guns. (I know, really, it’s all about ratings)

  3. Funny that in the “reaction” story the newscaster tries to make a point by saying, “….censoring people like Antoine is far worse…” right after they showed footage of him being bleeped twice for saying the word “ass.”

  4. I know it’s not a laughing matter, but I can’t stop watching this, it’s amazing, we don’t get this kind of thing in Britain. I am confused about how I go about hiding the wife and the kids and the husbands?

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