Question of the Day

What’s your morning ritual?

*Curse at alarm clock. Wave hand in front of it to activate motion detecting snooze (the most dangerous feature ever invented).
*Curse at alarm clock again. Turn it off and curse parents for not aborting me.
*Stumble to the kitchen and turn the coffee maker on (The night before I added the coffee grounds and water. And I could learn to set the timer but I refuse on religious grounds (which is a good answer when you haven’t thought something out). Remove Kerrygold butter from fridge to let it soften a bit and leave the kitchen while swearing as much as possible.
*Open door to my study where Cynikitty has been locked away during the night (He jumps at our door if not jailed) where he bursts out and demands to be fed despite having a full bowl of dry food for him to graze at whenever he desires.
*Ignore leaping ball of fur and claws and brush my teeth and then jump in the shower. Somewhere around this point my eyes finally open.
*Finish shower and insert contacts, hopefully in an eye. This is the dangerous part. If I drop a contact here I’ll be too blind to find it.
*Pour coffee, and feed Cynikitty his breakfast (2 soft boiled eggs, glass of oj, kippers, a NY Times and a flower) while my english muffin toasts.
*Eat breakfast while going through emails sent by people who hate me because I posted a kitten YouTube clip twice now.
*Look at time. Curse. Dress. Swear. Rinse with mouthwash. Cuss. Grab lunch. Grab backpack. Leave house. Come back for keys. Leave house. Come back for cellphone. Leave house.


  1. my morning ritual is very boring and involves constantly flipping the channel between Mr. Ed and the local news, smoking cigarettes and eating dry toast with a small cup of cola.
    When Mr Ed is over i get dressed and leave for work.

  2. Workday routine: Avoid tripping on the cat that waits outside the bedroom door. Feed said cat, put on pants (that’s where the day starts downhill), put on shirt, go into bathroom and wet my tangled mop of hair and attempt to tame it for a little bit. Grab newspaper from porch, use bag to scoop up after cat, toss kitteh almond rocas into trash. Place paper on table. Put dry oatmeal in container with brown sugar and cranberries, fill another container with some yogurt, toss it in my bag. Maybe glance at headlines in paper (I’ll read it in the evening), avoid hyperactive cat attempting to attack my legs, grab keys/wallet/phone and bag then off to work.

  3. Get up

    Get the dog out for pee & poo

    Butter up two toast with peanut butter.

    Start coffee

    Check my mail and my blog’s stats.

    Get dressed

    Go to work.

    All of that, while chit-chatting with the gf about the day before and the dreams of the night. We’re both busy so we don’t have much time to talk a lot.

  4. 5am pee shower shave contacts clothes hair feedcat coffee cereal email facebook makelunch poop brushteeth
    6am drive audiobook
    7am work

  5. Wake up, shower and brush teeth, get dressed, maybe check e-mail, walk a block to the train station, get a train to the city, 15-minute walk to the office, check my e-mail there, maybe get something for breakfast.

  6. 3:45am wake up, shower, iron, brush teeth, dress, arrange kids as they shift during the night. leave by 4:30.
    Arrive at 5:10~:15.
    Coffee before office, then scroll through Google Reader until someone bothers me.

  7. Sometime between 2:00-3:00 AM: Wake up for no apparent reason, remove cat from lap so that I can turn over onto my side.

    5:00 AM: Alarm goes off. Early-rising wife gifts me immediately with coffee. For a moment I can hear harps as the light of her halo suffuses the room with a soft, divine light.

    5:00-6:00 AM: Breakfast, often spent wondering why the better-dressed guys on the local news haven’t taken the traffic guy aside for a quiet word about his poor sartorial choices.

    6:00-6:20 AM: Shower, shave, teeth, hair, other necessary functions as needed.

    6:20-6:55 AM: Check email and read daily regimen of webcomics. Not in that order.

    6:55-7:00: Gather up lunch, bus fare, and bag. Note the glower of the cat, who still hasn’t forgiven me for de-lapping her four hours ago.

    7:00: Out the door and off to the bus stop.

  8. 10 AM: First alarm goes off on cellphone. I hardly notice.
    10:15 AM: Second alarm goes off. I vaguely see myself setting it off.
    10:30 AM: Third alarm goes off. Same thing.

    1-2 PM: Bladder wakes me up; I go empty it. Then I have a couple slices of bread with butter and jam – sometimes 2 soft boiled eggs, if I feel extra hardy (and there are eggs).
    Fold bed, turn PC on, check – generally empty – e-mail, facebook and blogs, post comments, watch silly videos.
    Try to get to my drawing table to work, get lazy, back to PC, check blogs, post comments, watch wtf videos, back to my table, get lazy…

  9. From 7am – 8:20am
    Get up
    Feed Cat
    Make Breakfast
    Play Video Games and check Email while eating Breakfast
    Give Cat Medicine
    Kiss Husband Goodbye
    Shower and Dress
    Do Hair and Makeup
    Make Lunch
    Kiss Cat Goodbye
    Leave and Lockup

  10. 5:00AM Alarm, Google Reader, poop, shower/brush teeth (at the same time).
    5:15AM Put water on, grind beans, put on workout clothes.
    5:20AM Activate French press, more Greader while coffee steeps.
    5:30AM Kiss wife and nursing 6 week-old baby, drive to park, park car, drink coffee and listen to NPR until first bootcampers show up.
    6:00AM Coach bootcamp
    7:00AM Coach bootcamp again
    8:00AM Drive home, shower, put on work clothes, go to work.

  11. Motion sensor on an alarm would is a bad idea, I’ve always secretly wanted that alarm that rolls around your room when it goes off so you have to wake up and track it down. My alarms only seem to go off after I smash them with my fist. šŸ™

    I don’t have a routine, my days almost always start different, and weird.

    1. I once saw an alarm clock in a catalog that was built into a baseball. You shut it off by throwing it.

      Awesome, I thought.

  12. – Alarm goes off – hit snooze out of habit
    – alarm goes off again – while still half awake determine if I can hit snooze again or if I really have to get up
    – 9 minutes later realize I actually hit snooze again, start cursing and rush bathroom
    – send dog who’s determined to play/go outside/see what’s going on back to bed
    – shower and lay out dress clothes
    – find matching socks…in the dark because my husband is still asleep at 5 AM…curse that I found brown socks when I needed black…grab flash light and try again
    – chase cat off dress clothes, search for lint roller, give up, decide there isn’t THAT much cat hair on clothes and finally get dressed
    – send dog back to bed again
    – finish drying hair/make-up
    – pull granola bar and soda out of cabinet/fridge while checking e-mail on phone and reviewing clinic schedule
    – grab white coat, bag, ID badge, pager, phone, etc.
    – look at time, curse and rush out the door
    – half-way to the hospital realize soda and granola bar are still on the counter
    – curse because I don’t have time to go back
    – park car, run to lounge and grab another soda while praying to the hospital gods that I remembered to replace back-up granola bar in bag the night before
    – run to the floor and hopefully show up just in time for the start of sign-out while chugging soda and still searching through bag to make sure I didn’t forget anything else

    1. arrrrghhh again – that’s MY routine! I see 4 am and I am so pissed because I know I’m not going to sleep past 10 am. Rats!

      I do actually journal first thing in the morning – if I don’t get that done I get NOTHING done – then it’s a random assortment of showering, eating and pooping. Then stand in middle of living room wondering where the piece of paper with my list of things to do is. Give up and just pick something that needs doing. If I’m lucky I might actually get some artwork done. The days I work in the restaurant I avoid going as long as I can and the day is blown. 14 hour days three days in a row. Sunday night is usually 4 am night.

  13. Wake up about 5AM. Coffee should be ready. Get coffee. Feed cats. Let dog out.
    Watch M*A*S*H on TV Land if it’s on today. Brush teeth. Drink coffee. Put on pants and sandals.
    Read and respond to email. Delete spam on various blogs.
    Check the six blogs I’m responsible for. Go through submissions.
    Upload morning links. Check stats.
    Write whatever it is I should have written last night for this morning’s deadline.
    Wake up kids, make them breakfast, take them to school. If it’s summer, water the garden instead.
    Run errands, get groceries.
    Begin posting and surfing. Have breakfast.

  14. 8am-9am:
    wake up
    pet kitty, turn on bathroom faucet for her
    start coffee machine, setup mug with milk for it
    turn on morning news
    check FB, email, LJ
    watch news while dressing
    avoid weird kitty who likes to lick my feet while i’m trying to get dressed
    pack bag with phone/book/sketchbook/iPod
    ad-lib what kitty would say to me while I’m going to work
    make sure hair doesnt look like I got electrocuted
    curse at tv during various news stories
    put on shoes/hat
    subway train to work
    2nd cup of coffee and eat
    get bugged by co-workers.

  15. What is the deal with Americans getting up at 5AM? Madness. Well done and all, but seriously…?

    8:50am – Final Alarm goes off and I look out the window to see if the weather warrants me getting up to drive my lady (who has been up for an hour) 200 yards to her place of work. If not back to sleep for an hour.

    9:50am – Get up, dressed and splash some cold water on my face. Grab my lunch from the fridge… if there were any left-overs from previous night’s dinner. No freeloading animals to feed/clean up their shit + Never eating breakfast = out the door by 10am.

    10:30am – Rock up to work in time for coffee break.

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