1. That was my initial thought as well. They both have lost a decent bit of weight recently and came out looking pretty similar. Creepy.

  1. I’ve read elsewhere that another (probably more important) reason he lost weight was that he had type 2 diabetes. In any case, I congratulate him on a very difficult job well done! But I always kinda thought he was cute in his plump, nerdy look…….

  2. Awesome for him. I’ve been trying to lose 15 lbs. for years. And now you folks go and start mentioning popcorn. Thanks.

  3. The weight looks nice, except now that he lost weight off his head, he gained 20 years. Yikes.

    I have a fat head myself (note icon), and suddenly this makes me feel better about having a fat head. At least I keep my girlish looks.

  4. Notice how he changed his glasses from circular frames (similar shape to his former head) to rectangular, which suit his more up-and-down face better.

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