1. Must’ve been a hiccup(ough) .. I can see it now! And wow… I laughed at the explanation below the video on youtube that says “attacked by a bison while recording”. They conveniently leave out the part of the story where they chased it across a parking lot and threw something at it.

        I feel that we will see these people on the darwin awards before long.

  1. When the sign said to stay 100 feet away from the bison it obviously meant everyone else – not them. They should sue the park for not specifically saying that THEY should stay 100 feet away from the bison.

    Loved the little bison dance, though.

  2. Its funny the vast majority believe that if you can get that close to an animal it must be ok and safe, because if it was dangerous it wouldn’t be there right? Let alone throw something at it!

  3. This made my day. Used to be you only heard about these people now you can see them. 24 or so years ago I was at Yellowstone and we came around a bend in a path and saw a buffalo, about 10 feet in front of us, we did like we were supposed to, calmly backed away and once around the bend, out of site, we ran as fast as we could back to our cabin. I know it’s shocking that we didn’t throw things at it.

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