• TDavis

    Okay, I’ve never left this as a comment, but…….WTF?!?!?

  • incredulous

    This dude’s a marketing genius — his phone will be ringing off the hook from Tea Party Oklahomans wanting new winders n’ sidin’ n’ shit.

    In every other way, of course, he’s underpants-on-head crazy.

  • BeenLurking

    I want to emigrate. To anywhere.

  • Erich Schrempp

    I once hired an outfit called “Jesus People Construction” to tape the drywall on my ceilings. Averse as I was to their ideology, I have to admit they did an outstanding job, and without a word of proselytizing . As my assistant cracked, “Well, they’re probably better than Satan Worshipper Construction!”

    • Mike K

      I once had a company called Faith Electrical do some wiring in my house. Similar experience. Very friendly, thorough, and not a word about God. They didn’t have a Jesus fish in their logo, but the “t” in “Faith” was clearly emphasized to look like a cross, so the name wasn’t just a coincidence.

  • Axton

    Okie pride! Wait, no… what’s the opposite of pride?

    • Refudiatalism.

      • outeast


    • John


  • What a nucking futjob…

  • rbray18

    can’t be as bad as the election ads for Governor and attorney general
    currently running …

  • Dave

    I’m searching my bible for the part where Jesus says, “Use me to hawk you goods and services.”

  • Mr. Knowitall

    What if he’s secretly a gay Jew who’s beating the conservatives at their own game.

    Very sneaky

  • He looks a little like General Zod, doesn’t he? Kneel before the blessed siding of Zod, son of Jor-El!!!

  • Ninabi

    I’ll keep my secular, Socialist windows thank you very much. No need to upgrade to the Rapture Ready brand.

  • Dale

    Didn’t Obama’s stimulus act make possible valuable tax credits to people who upgraded their windows? I wonder how many Oklahomians will refuse the credits.

    • rbray18

      one of the local news teams here has a ongoing report showing how the stimulus is being misspent and they do it gleefully.

  • Swampper

    That’s the bible belt. You don’t even notice stuff like that after a while.

  • All I have to say here is: MALE CAMEL TOE.

    • G-Man

      Sadly, I’m with her^^^^^

  • Circe

    I do so love my non-sequitors.

  • He might as well have added “And I love strawberry poptarts”.

  • BeenLurking

    All I have to say here is: MALE CAMEL TOE.

    That’s actually known by its own name: moose knuckle.