1. This dude’s a marketing genius — his phone will be ringing off the hook from Tea Party Oklahomans wanting new winders n’ sidin’ n’ shit.

    In every other way, of course, he’s underpants-on-head crazy.

  2. I once hired an outfit called “Jesus People Construction” to tape the drywall on my ceilings. Averse as I was to their ideology, I have to admit they did an outstanding job, and without a word of proselytizing . As my assistant cracked, “Well, they’re probably better than Satan Worshipper Construction!”

    1. I once had a company called Faith Electrical do some wiring in my house. Similar experience. Very friendly, thorough, and not a word about God. They didn’t have a Jesus fish in their logo, but the “t” in “Faith” was clearly emphasized to look like a cross, so the name wasn’t just a coincidence.

  3. can’t be as bad as the election ads for Governor and attorney general
    currently running …

  4. I’m searching my bible for the part where Jesus says, “Use me to hawk you goods and services.”

  5. What if he’s secretly a gay Jew who’s beating the conservatives at their own game.

    Very sneaky

  6. I’ll keep my secular, Socialist windows thank you very much. No need to upgrade to the Rapture Ready brand.

  7. Didn’t Obama’s stimulus act make possible valuable tax credits to people who upgraded their windows? I wonder how many Oklahomians will refuse the credits.

    1. one of the local news teams here has a ongoing report showing how the stimulus is being misspent and they do it gleefully.

  8. All I have to say here is: MALE CAMEL TOE.

    That’s actually known by its own name: moose knuckle.

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