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Day July 14, 2010

Mugshot of the Night

From The Smoking Gun:

JULY 14–Meet Jesse Thornhill. The Tulsa man was arrested early today after he allegedly tried to run down his landlord with a car. Following his arrest for assault with a dangerous weapon, Thornhill, 28, was booked into the Tulsa County jail, where the below booking photo was snapped. Yes, Thornhill has horns. The jarring cosmetic, um, improvement is noted thusly in the “personal oddities” section of a Tulsa Police Department report: “Horns, neck tattoos, implant earrings on head.”


Stick from the comments notes:

He’s also being held in connection with the Qui-Gon Jinn murder.

Double Rainbow The Movie

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Emails from Crazy People

I want to rent this blog an apartment and see it on the side.

Mel Gibson vs. Christian Bale

(NSFW due to Mel Gibson…. and Christian Bale)
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Star Wars Subway Car

Mel Gibson Yells at Double Rainbow Guy

(NSFW – Mel Gibson)

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Mel Gibson Yelling At Cats

(NSFW due to Mel Gibson).

Bach – Cello Suite No.3 vi-Gigue

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