• Justin

    I wonder how people will choose what to hate when ease of transportation makes us all one race in a few hundred years?

    • Eight

      We’ll all hate the fat white people who enslaved our people for so long. That is, IF the human race still exists to hate one another.

    • Revyloution

      I thought we already were one race….

  • Mike K

    The really sad thing is that it was probably taken during WWII, when every Oriental (Japanese or otherwise) was a suspected enemy, making it more of McCarthy-ish paranoia than just ignorance. Not unlike the way people of Middle Eastern descent are sometimes treated today.

  • Ronald McFlurry

    …..and there are signs all over Japan’s store fronts declaring “Japanese Only!”

  • I would joke that “apparently they don’t welcome Jewish American Princesses” but actually there’s no irony – because they probably wouldn’t welcome Jewish people either.

    At any rate, it really doesn’t promote racism as a tonic for beauty… Like, eat right, sleep well and hate other people will keep you looking youthful forever.

  • Ain’t that America…