Time runs out for 1.2 million on unemployment

From CNN:

Come Saturday, the number of people cut from unemployment benefits will surge to 1.63 million, according to U.S. Department of Labor estimates. By mid-July, about 2 million unemployed Americans could lose their benefits.

Before last month, out-of-work Americans were eligible for extensions once they maxed out at 26 weeks of state benefits and 73 weeks of federal benefits — a total of 99 weeks. But, Senate Republicans blocked the extension with a 57-14 vote last week.


  1. And many of these unemployed, unpaid people will start resorting to petty theft, house robbery and meth sales to make ends meet.
    But I’m a corrections officer, so… frankly, that’s job insurance for me.

  2. I had a sad realization at the end of May. Because I live in MD, where supposedly the unemployment rate is only 7.7% or something, I’m not eligible for 99 weeks of unemployment compensation. I get 73 weeks, because my state’s rate is 0.3% less than the 8% cutoff point for upper tier benefits. And there is discussion about extending the so-called “99’ers” benefits?!?! I guess Marylanders just have to suck it up, because our job market is so much better….

  3. “But, Senate Republicans blocked the extension with a 57-14 vote last week.”

    Wait, what? There aren’t 57 Republicans in the Senate, there are only 41. So even if all the Republicans voted against extending unemployment, there were 16 other people that did as well. If both independent Senators voted with Republicans that’s still 14 Democrats who didn’t vote to extend benefits. If all those who voted for extending benefits were Democrats that’s still 28 who didn’t vote.

    Of course the article doesn’t say, but about 42 Democrats actively opposed or did nothing to extend unemployment benefits.

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