1. If you watch the BP Oil Spill in reverse it’s about a huge cloud of petroleum that is slowly sucked into the earth while birthing millions of healthy living sea animals into a thriving ecosphere so that they have to develop a whole industry around it, and finally a deep-sea well violently implodes into existence on top.

  2. Come on Chris, Your headline is beneath the standard you normally set.

    Crist was saying that thus far the oil is not a major problem on the Florida beaches. That is because it isn’t. It probably will eventually become one for most of Florida but trust me, as of right now there isn’t a drop of oil on most of Florida’s beaches. Only a few in the panhandle.

  3. I don’t like to be negative, but seeing Harry Smith with a big mouthful of Crist just affirms that he is the biggest tool on network television. Yes, the oil is safe as long as your children don’t smoke within a 100 yard radius of the ocean.

    I also love the outfits. When you are “on-location” you really want to show people you mean business by wearing your mauve golf polo. As his people told him, “Governor, we need you to look like you’re really working on this problem – blue collar.” Matt Lauer things they’re D-Bags.

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