1. we hosted the G-20 in pittsburgh last year and it was bunk, they shut down all of downtown (through which i stop on my way to work to get off one bus and catch another) so i had to take those days off from work, plus they stick your city with the bill which was bullshit.

    at least our police/civilian confrontations weren’t very brutal, so we got lucky there.

  2. I worked at a Kinko’s across from a mall back in 2001. 9/11 hit and the mall closed, like many did across the US, Kinko’s stayed open and had people bitching all day that the mall was closed. Bodies were raining from the sky in NYC, but people still had to shop and were pissed when they couldn’t.

    1. You shouldn’t generalize like that, even in jest. One wacko doesn’t define a whole country. If that were the case, the whole world would think Americans are assholes…

      Oh… wait…


    1. He does! Must be a Canadian thing. Then again, he looks kind of like Sgt. Shultz from Hogan’s Heroes, so maybe there’s a little German in there too.

  3. Ah, Canadians. Although traditionally a gentle and proud people, they are quite difficult to pacify once angered. For example, the male displaying in the video has clearly been ejected from his pack due to incurable rage blackouts and must now roam elsewhere in search of love and acceptance – a fate that is all too common in the hinterlands of Toronto. If he does not find an alternate family group or shopping area to support him, he will most likely starve to death within as little as 6 months after losing the nurturing care of younger, stronger, and smarter members of his kind.

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